Psorcure Treatment Plan for Genital Psoriasis is Fast Becoming Popular Choice among Genital and Groin Psoriasis Patients

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Immediate results, long remission state and capability of eliminating the need for using heavy doses of Steroids, Elidel, Dovonex, Methotrexate etc to treat Genital Psoriasis are some of the reasons making this treatment plan popular.

According to press release of Clinic Psoriasis, A growth of 400% has been seen in the shipments since the introduction of Psorcure Treatment Plan for Genital Psoriasis last month. A significant change has also been witnessed in the reporting trend.

Among the existing patient base of Clinic Psoriasis, 20% of existing patients are now reporting having some form of genital psoriasis and have included its treatment as part of their overall treatment of psoriatic conditions; whereas only 4.5% of existing patients reported having genital psoriasis prior to introduction of this treatment plan. There is a 200% increase in the daily rate of enquiries about Psoriatic Arthritis and Genital Psoriasis and their respective treatment plans.

"Stress is the single most important trigger for psoriasis. Having genital psoriasis itself increases the stress level among the patients thereby causing aggravation in psoriatic conditions of patients. Genital Psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder where emotional stress and disturbance is at its peak. Most of the patients with genital psoriasis report worsening sex life," says Dr Dhawan from Clinic Psoriasis.
Genital Psoriasis appears as a red shiny skin on any of the following parts of body.

Upper thighs next to groin
Creases between the thigh and the groin
Genitals (the vulva, for women; the penis and scrotum, for men)
Skin between anus and vulva or anus and scrotum, and the skin around the anus
Crease between the buttocks

Psorcure Treatment Plan for Genital Psoriasis quickly reduces the inflammation in genital and groin areas and relieves the body from stress impact. It gradually removes and blocks the sources which are causing genital and groin psoriasis conditions thereby providing long remission state to psoriatic patient.

Psorcure Treatment Plan is part of PSORCURE family of treatment plans developed by Clinic Psoriasis for various psoriatic conditions (Plaque, Erythodermic, Gutate, Inverse or Flexural, Postular or Nail Pitting). The other treatment plans offered by Clinic Psoriasis are Psorcure Treatment Plan for Psoriatic Arthritis, Psorcure Treatment Plan for Scalp Psoriasis. Psorcure Treatment Plan for Severe and Full Body Psoriasis, Psorcure Treatment Plan for Kids or Juvenile Psoriasis, Psorcure Treatment Plan for pregnant women.


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