DocuLex Provides 'Instant Document Access' with Archive Studio 4 at ILTA

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Microsoft .NET Framework-based document management software business embracing the Web as a platform and utilizing its strengths

Law firms are struggling with how to control sensitive documents in a centralized and compliant way, while providing flexibility and anywhere access for today's mobile professionals

DocuLex (, creators of networked electronic document management software, announces the release of Archive Studio 4. Comprised of Goby Capture, Office Capture and WebSearch, Archive Studio provides users with easy to use, automated, networked and Web enabled document management capabilities. "Archive Studio was created specifically for use by businesses seeking affordable, thorough organization and management of must keep information. Archive Studio features secure Microsoft .NET Framework-based 'Instant Document Access' from any location via the Internet, including permission assigning and Active Directory integration," comments Tim Nissen, director of marketing for DocuLex.

About DocuLex Archive Studio 4 Component: WebSearch is an easy-to-use, .NET Web-based document management program developed for use throughout a business's operations to enable secure, 'Instant Document Access' from any location with convenience of use that is similar, yet easier, than an Internet search engine. Searches may be performed using document specific meta data descriptions, full text content, as well as date ranges, search history, search lists and saved searches.

WebSearch is now a workflow enabler, providing users the ability to share and amend native format documents, while organizing and tracking each amended version.

Documents of any file type may be uploaded directly to WebSearch, indexed (with additional document identifying meta data added remotely if necessary) for native format storage and ease of access. The program's Microsoft SQL Server or SQL Server Express database support handles substantial file data storage, providing users with Microsoft's easy-to-integrate database power. In addition, Microsoft Active Directory integration enables heightened security and user permission access and tracking.

WebSearch also serves as a document hosting facilitator, with advanced public-key infrastructure (PKI) providing encryption and digital signature security for outsourcing daily-use information access to the electronic file storage.

"Law firms are struggling with how to control sensitive documents in a centralized and compliant way, while providing flexibility and anywhere access for today's mobile professionals," said Norm Thomas, director of business development for Microsoft's U.S. Professional Services Group. "Archive Studio 4 utilizes the power of the Microsoft platform, integrating with SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server Express, while also letting users take advantage of newer Web 2.0 technologies to access documents via the Internet from any location."

Beneficial to the user is an updated visually appealing interface, with functionality that is easier to use than an Internet search engine's key word query. The server-based software automates complex documentation organizational functions including browser-based file room views and group collaboration folders.

The program manages multiple levels of security, including Organization, Community, Group, Users, as well as individual files. Document and user activity tracking logs are always available, assisting in compliance of privacy laws including HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley.

About DocuLex Archive Studio 4 Components: Goby and Office Capture
The easy to use programs provide simplified paper and electronic file capture and indexing from all desired hardware resources, including desktop, network and production scanners, digital copiers and FAX. The capture programs include streamlined capturing of electronic files and emails directly from the user's Microsoft Office applications, in addition to utilizing the Send-to feature from the familiar Windows Explorer. Once captured, Archive Studio's WebSearch manages the documents throughout their life cycle.

Goby Capture enhances the walk-up and scan capabilities of a network scanner or digital MFP copier. With Goby running from a network or hosted server, users can scan and "index" their business documents at the device without any requirement to learn and operate a scanning application.

Three methods of scanning and indexing paper may be used; 1) scan documents along with a profile form generated at your desktop or line of business application, 2) scan documents and index from the MFP touch screen, 3) scan documents and index later from the WebSearch inbox.

Office Capture is a desktop application that is easily operated by a document imaging beginner while flexible for experienced users. The program supports TWAIN-driven desktop, production and MFP scanning units.

With a setup wizard enabling a quick-start to new scanning projects, Office Capture enables the complete document imaging spectrum. Simply scan all documents of interest and then enter the document meta data descriptions at a later date. Document meta data entry is easier than ever with the newly improved design focused on rapid entry to complete the task.

The final step is for the OCR engine to analyze and create full text data, then generate searchable PDF files and output to Archive Studio's WebSearch document management system.

For additional information on DocuLex Archive Studio 4, and to request a convenient online program demonstration, call DocuLex at (863) 297-3691 ext. 236.

About DocuLex:
Incorporated in 1996, Winter Haven, Florida-based DocuLex creates open-system document management software for use with desktop and production document scanners, as well as digital multifunctional copiers, facsimile and wide format units. Through an extensive reseller channel, the company offers network-enabled document capture and image processing software along with Web-based search and retrieval programs, bundled and offered as Archive Studio. Archive Studio is easy to use, productive electronic document management software for any business environment seeking secure 'Instant Document Access.' See for program information and demonstrations.


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