Land Unlimited Announces New Website with a Nationwide Land, Ranch, Farm and Recreational Property MLS Search, Along with a Blog Already Garnering Attention

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Land Unlimited's website located at is a unique and effective tool for the land, farm and recreational property real estate industry. The interactive MLS and accompanying blog are already in use, with excellent results thus far.

When John Hayter developed the idea for Land Unlimited, he was thinking of home.

A sixth-generation Texas rancher, steeped in a life of agriculture, he knew more than a little about the problems facing land brokers across the country. It was natural for Hayter to find himself gravitating towards a career focused on land ownership.

"After becoming a land broker myself and representing many buyers with property interests across the country, I was frustrated and surprised to see that there was no central place that most land brokers networked their properties," Hayter says. "It seemed to me a natural way to better serve their clients and their business."

Inspiration lead to innovation and the Land Unlimited site was born at, a domain plain enough for the tell-it-like-it-is industry and its straightforward purpose.

"I have friends who remember residential real estate before the local MLS became a part of everyday business. Not one of them cares to go back to the way things were," Hayter adds.

Without a doubt, the concept of the MLS was brilliant and effective for the residential real estate market. Most professionals use it. In fact, it is now an indispensable tool for its obvious marketing capabilities, but, more importantly, for the collection of information applicable to future property transactions (i.e. comparative analysis).

So, why then, was it not being used in larger land and commercial transactions? Primarily, because the residential MLS system was too limiting for the scope of the agricultural land broker, land developer and/or commercial transaction. The local MLS was designed with residential real estate needs in mind. Land brokers needed tools that spanned across counties, states and, occasionally, countries.

John Hayter wasn't the first to recognize the need. Several attempts came and went, some remain, though all proved ineffective in the end, at least to Hayter as a user.

"Each was great in some respect, but had limitations that aggravated me." seeks to bridge the gaps the other tools left, keeping the user, both the land buyer and the land seller in mind. The sleek layout and usability, designed by Site Goals in Austin, Texas, is sure to be a hit with visitors. The marquis element is the visual MLS, starting with a map of the United States and leading the land seeker through a quick series of visually stunning forms until they narrow down to the perfect property.

So sure is Hayter that he meets this goal to produce an effective and aesthetic tool for the land broker industry, his initial membership campaign involves giving away memberships, free of charge, for an entire year, hoping members will populate the site, take advantage of the various features, learn its power and give feedback.

"My goal is for this to be the place land brokers, appraisers, buyers and sellers go for land sale needs."

In addition to the powerful listing and search functionality of the site, there is the Land Unlimited blog. The blog attracted immediate attention and controversy when a marketing affiliate posted information regarding conservation easements. Conflict on the subject matter is nothing new. A couple from Far West Texas was quick to jump in on the blog, stating their negative experience with conservation easement and a willingness to inform all who would listen of the pitfalls therein. They even went so far as to post their home phone number.

A great sign that Hayter is not only on the right track with his purpose and vision, but that the need for a forum of discussion on the wide variety of land-related topics may have be more severe than anticipated.

"This is the real thing -- an MLS service for land brokers. is not, and will never be, an information gathering ploy on property owners or brokers. The information that is gathered never leaves our server. When the interested public elects to contact a broker from the site, the lead goes directly to the broker. There are no third-party database collection companies involved," insists Hayter.

For additional information contact: John Hayter (john @ or Kristin Neff (kristin @ at 970-389-3010.

About Land Unlimited, Inc.:
Land Unlimited, Inc.'s mission is to provide necessary marketing and advertising tools to Land Brokers, both locally and nationally, as well as provide the public a resource for all their land real estate needs, in one packaged source. Founder John Hayter understands that, in today's real estate market, it is necessary to have extensive knowledge of market data, market trends, advertising and marketing, as well as legal and environmental issues, in order to make informed decisions and give clients the highest level of service.

Land Unlimited, Inc., through a national advertising campaign and a high profile internet presence, helps Land Brokers bring buyers and sellers together. In addition, Brokers have access to information, such as market data, co-broker information, nationwide buyer alert and news updates on issues pertinent to farm and ranch real estate which helps Brokers give their clients a higher degree of service. This information is only available to licensed members of Land Unlimited, Inc.

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