WiMAX - WTRS Introduces Comprehensive Research Coverage Including Sprint Initiative

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WTRS introduces a Market Report cluster covering all aspects of WiMAX technology, markets, standards and intellectual property development.

WTRS has published a portfolio of reports that provides complete insights into the development of the WiMAX standard, its global market potential and intellectual property holdings. This portfolio includes:
1. Wireless Broadband (WiMAX) Patent and IP Report
2. WiMAX Emerging Technology Report
3. Wireless Broadband (WiMAX) Technology Trends Report
4. Telecom Application Report
5. Mobile Computing Application Report

The WTRS cluster of studies is a valuable and all-encompassing source on all market sectors of the WiMAX technology market.

  • The Wireless Broadband (WiMAX) Patent and IP Report gives details on the dramatic surge in WiMAX patent activity throughout the industry. This report provides the industry's only comprehensive and independent assessment of IEEE 802.16a, IEEE 802.16d-2004 and IEEE 802.16e-related patent activity.
  • The WiMAX Emerging Technology Report includes analysis of WiMAX (IEEE 802.16e and IEEE 802.16d-2004) technologies and alliance development, as well as an evaluation of current technology, geographical hotspots of activity and corporate developments. It is a valuable resource for those who are evaluating entry into the market sector. The results are based on discussions with executive management from major participants in the marketplace, as well as our proprietary macroeconomic research tools.
  • The Wireless Broadband (WiMAX) Technology Trends Report offers a comprehensive analysis of total addressable market issues in individual early geographic areas that makes it possible to join other companies that are entering a particular geographic market and will achieve a reasonable ROI.
  • The Telecom Application Report is written primarily for component-level companies who are in the process of evaluating the Telecom market, the "Wireless Broadband" sector and the participation of WiMAX (802.16a, 802.16d-2004, and 802.16e).
  • The Mobile Computing Application Report assesses the viability of emerging Wireless technologies in the Mobile Communications Industry. This report is a valuable resource for those who are evaluating entry into this market sector. The results are based on discussions with key participants in the marketplace.

"The potential for WiMAX is highly dependent on its success in the telecom sector," according to Kirsten West, principal analyst at WTRS. "At the same time the prerequisites for the broad adoption of WiMAX in the US are in place, and Sprint's activities developing IP, infrastructure and applications are the most compelling indication."

The WTRS cluster of studies also contains detailed information on:
1. A dramatic surge in WiMAX patent activity.
2. Examples of WiMAX used to solve actual business pain are emerging.
3. The impetus for WiMAX market expansion is the growth of services in end user applications that utilize the expanded mobility and high bandwidth that WiMAX affords.
4. IEEE 802.16 WiMAX has found a niche in backhaul networks and as an alternative to landline telephone service for small and medium businesses.
5. Development of WiMAX in Africa is progressing in countries as dissimilar as Congo, Ethiopia and South Africa. Competition for African markets will rage between India (ahead so far) and China, with Western providers continuing to play a major role.
6. WiMAX market entry is greatly influenced by the global availability of spectrum.
7. Entering the US market, fixed WiMAX will have hurdles to overcome.
8. The 4 geographic areas with the greatest potential for WiMAX success are Japan, Asia, Africa and Canada.

For more information contact http://www.wtrs.net or Karin Hall PhD at 650-940-1196

For more information on the Research Cluster's individual Reports:

Title: WTRS Wireless Broadband (WiMAX) Technology Trends Report, Summer 2007
Product Number: WT080107TPTR
Publication Date: July/August 2007

Title: WiMAX Emerging Technology Report Summer 2007
Product Number: WT062907WMMIR
Publication Date: June 2007

Title: Mobile Computing Applications Summer 2007
Product Number: WT062607MCAR
Publication Date: June 2007

Title: Telecom Applications Report
Product Number: WT100306WTAR
Publication Date: Oct 2006

Title Wireless Broadband (WiMAX) IP & Patent Report
Product Number: WT020207TPPR
Publication Date: February 2007

West Technology Research Solutions, LLC (WTRS) is an independent market research and consulting company with 8 years in wireless research specializing in Insteon, ZigBee, UWB, Bluetooth, WiMAX, IEEE 802.15.4, Wi-F, and other emerging wireless technologies and protocols. WTRS helps companies track the market potential and viability of wireless emerging technologies. WTRS reports are not funded by, or in any other way influenced by, companies which we study. WTRS market research and consulting services provide customers with the information they need to assess market opportunities, evaluate investments, monitor competition, form relationships and make crucial business decisions in following cutting-edge technologies. WTRS customers range from start-ups, some still in development, to the largest and most prominent players in technology. All have an interest in market intelligence that aids them in making crucial business decisions.

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