Studying Online Teaches Lessons to Whole Family: Reveals Reasons Why Online Learning Enhances Families

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It's "Back to School" time again! Now that kids are ready for their school year, it's also time for parents to look into returning to school - online! Parents' experience as an online student teaches children valuable life lessons and develops parenting skills.

The examples parents set are incredibly crucial when it comes to education

It's "Back to School" time again! Kids are chattering about seeing old friends and meeting new teachers. Parents are preparing them for that thrilling first day with shopping carts piled high with new notebooks, pencils and other school supplies. Now that kids are ready for their school year, it's also time for parents to look into returning to school - online! today announced some reasons that parents' experience as an online student teaches children valuable life lessons and develops parenting skills.

"The examples parents set are incredibly crucial when it comes to education," said Carol Aslanian, President and Founder of the Aslanian Group, the national authority on the characteristics and learning patterns of adult students. "Many experts agree that children who have parents going to school benefit in countless ways, including better time management skills, a stronger work ethic and an awareness about the importance of an education."

What Children Learn…

How to use time wisely

Online learners know that distance education is NOT easier than traditional schooling and that the same time commitment must be given to an online degree as an on-campus program.

Time management is a crucial skill that successful online learners must possess. As such, online learners must be able to identify and, more importantly, eliminate time wasters.

  • When children see their parent pass up a favorite TV show because of homework, they'll be more willing to turn off the tube, too.
  • When children hear a parent tell her best friend that she'll have to call her back later because she's studying for a test, children see how to set (and stick to) priorities.

Online learners also demonstrate how to focus and work effectively in the short blocks of time carved out each day. In between the demands of work and family, children will emulate how to wake up early, stay on task, and make time during the day to complete assignments.

How much their parents value education

Being an online student demonstrates to children that learning is a lifelong process. It models the importance of education, and it illustrates how more education leads to more choices.

  • Instead of watching their father wish for a different job or position, they will see him earn a certificate or gain new skills in an area that helps a parent achieve his or her career goals. Lesson learned: Education enables you to have dreams, set goals and work hard to attain them.
  • Instead of hearing the complaint that technology changes too quickly, children will see the initiative to learn new software programs and use new tools. Lesson learned: Education enables people to meet the demands of a changing workplace and increasingly technical environment.
  • Instead of hearing, "Reading is important," children will see their parents actually reading. When making time to read, kids will learn that reading is a valuable activity. Research shows that daily exposure to books and writing makes children better prepared to become readers and writers when they are kindergarten-age, and older children who read are more likely to become lifelong readers. Lesson learned: Education expands a reader's world, and reading leads to success in education.

The computer is a valuable learning tool

Most children know that computers can be used to play video games or surf favorite websites. Online learning shows kids that computers are not just for games, but for going to school, conducting research, and collaborating with fellow classmates.

It is a great parent-child exercise to conduct research online. By going to a website, such as, kids can pick a topic of interest. Parents can share tips for locating information and encourage kids to talk about what they have found.

Also, parents' cognizance of children's familiarity with the Internet is important for their safety. Spending time with them early on allows parents to keep track of the websites their children visit and who they are talking to online.

Family teamwork

Getting an online degree means more time hitting the books. This means more time for family members to pitch in and help with cleaning, shopping, and childcare duties.

  •      Older children can help entertain younger ones during study time.
  •      Elementary age children can grab a dust cloth or broom.
  •      Children will benefit from helping Dad take charge of the weekly grocery shopping.

They will have fun scouring the pantry and fridge, creating a list, and coming home with a few surprising choices for dinner. Releasing some control over these tasks will grant Mom more time to devote to school.

With a little planning and lot of cooperation, each family member can play an important role in making education a priority for everyone and in the process make their family stronger.

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