AquaBlok Announces New Pond Management and Algae Control Products -- BARACLEAR and PhosBlok

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Time-release phosphorous removal and clarification products representing patented formulations of traditional alum-based solutions.

AquaBlok, Ltd., manufacturer of innovative composite particle materials, is proud to announce the introduction of two new formulations that combine the benefits of the company’s patented delivery system with a patented water treatment formulation licensed from Halliburton.

BARACLEAR is not a herbicide, algaecide, copper treatment or biological media.

The BARACLEAR formulation optimizes binding, sorption, density, buffering, and delivery of active ingredients to the pond, lake or reservoir at the sediment water interface. The product is produced with a proprietary process which provides a time-release capability. The active ingredients are aluminum sulfate, a well known water treatment material and natural sodium bentonite. A added benefit of the bentonite component in BARACLEAR is its potential contribution over time to the sealing of earthen ponds. BARACLEAR’s time release formula allows industrial manufacturers, fish farmers, livestock farmers, public water works managers, reservoir managers, golf course superintendents and private ponds owners to better target the application for additional phosphorus removal coupled with alum’s historically proven clarifying capability.

PhosBlok is a formulation of BARACLEAR designed for high volume applications in lakes, reservoirs, and professional water management, such as golf course ponds and for architectural water features. PhosBlok is only supplied in FBIC bulk bags (super sacks) or in other bulk materials containers of over 2,000lbs quantities. PhosBlok provides essentially the same performance characteristics as BARACLEAR but is formulated for direct drop shipping to larger quantity end users. BARACLEAR and PhosBlok are natural looking “pebbles” that are easily broadcast applied without leaving the powdery film on the water surface – normally associated with powder alum additions.

Advantage over Powder or Liquid Alum Addition Alum (Aluminum Sulfate or Potassium Aluminum Sulfate) in either powder or liquid form has been used in the water treatment industry for decades and is commonly used by many pond managers to remove phosphorus – the primary source of nutrient for algae growth - from their water. It is well known that phosphorous resides primarily in the sediment and is released from the sediment/water interface. It is then suspended in solution in the water, where it becomes available as a food source for algae growth. Alum additions that are made in powder or liquid form will enter the water column where the aluminum ions bond with phosphate molecules floating in the water and the resulting aluminum phosphate becomes insoluble in water and sinks to the lake bottom. Since the majority of the free phosphorous resides on the bottom (in the sediment), powder and liquid treatments primarily address phosphorous in the water column, but not directly at the primary source. The remaining untreated phosphorous on the bottom will continue to enter the water column over time. However, the goal of the BARACLEAR treatment is to deliver the active ingredient (alum) to the sediment on the bottom, where it can more efficiently and effectively bind the phosphorous – at the source.

Available Products and Pricing
BARACLEAR and PhosBlok are available either directly from AquaBlok or though a number of nation-wide distributors. BARACLEAR can be purchased from pail to pallet to truckload quantities. For professional pond management or much larger quantity requirements, PhosBlok is available in FIBC bulk bags or other specified packaging of approximately 2,000lb size or greater.

Please contact AquaBlok for pricing and/or distributor inquires. About AquaBlok, Ltd. AquaBlok, Ltd. is a manufacturer of composite materials utilizing its patented coating and amendment approach. The company has a long history in the environmental industry and a range of products utilized in sediment remediation technologies. AquaBlok utilizes its delivery system in a range of products including, pond and industrial impoundment sealing, as seep collars on piping, to construct cut-off walls in porous soil conditions, flood control applications (i.e. levee and dam protection), and to deliver organoclay-based materials. In addition, AquaBlok is a licensee of Halliburton’s Bariod Division for the BARACLEAR® algae treatment product.

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