Titan Missile Museum Sells Nuclear War in Gift Shop

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The Titan missile base south of Tucson, Arizona that has been converted into a tourist site, has started selling a unique card game based on Nuclear War in its gift shop. The game is published by an oddly-named Scottsdale, Arizona company called Flying Buffalo Inc.

creating unlimited horizons in aerospace education through the preservation and presentation of the history of flight.

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Who would have thought nuclear war would be a tourist attraction, or a fun game? In Sahuarita, Arizona (Just south of Tucson) lies the only publicly accessible Titan II missile site in the nation. Visitors can tour the underground site, see the 3-ton blast doors, experience a simulated launch, and now in the gift shop can buy a satirical card game that makes fun of the very idea of trying to “win” a nuclear war.

Invented in 1965 by aerospace engineer and Irvine, CA resident Douglas Malewicki, the Nuclear War Card Game has sold over 50,000 copies in the last 40 years. A cult classic, the game has remained difficult to find. The publisher, Flying Buffalo Inc of Scottsdale, Arizona, has released three topical “expansion sets” to the game, including the latest: Weapons of Mass Destruction. The “Nuclear Escalation” expansion contains a card for the Titan missile.

The Nuclear War game, for 2 to 6 players, is popular with college students, wargamers, cynics, and those who remember “duck and cover” and hiding under their desks in the ‘60’s during air raid drills. During the game a player can convince millions of people to “convert” to his side with propaganda, or destroy even more millions with 20 or 50 megaton warheads placed on Titan or Saturn missiles. He might even weaken the enemy with germ warfare. This game is the darkest of dark humor!

Flying Buffalo Inc, founded in 1970 by Richard Loomis, publishes card games, board games, role playing games, and play-by-mail/email games. You can find out more about the Nuclear War game and its expansion sets at http://www.flyingbuffalo.com/nukewar.htm

The Titan Missile Museum (open every day except Thanksgiving and Christmas) is operated by the Arizona Aerospace Foundation, a member-based 501(c) 3 non-profit Foundation that operates the Pima Air and Space Museum, Titan Missile Museum – Education and Research Center, the Arizona Aviation Hall of Fame, and the Challenger Learning Center of the Southwest, all on Pima County parklands. The Foundation’s mission is "creating unlimited horizons in aerospace education through the preservation and presentation of the history of flight." More info available at http://www.titanmissilemuseum.org

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Rick Loomis, President, Flying Buffalo Inc


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