Cognio Releases Wireless Spectrum Policy Starter Kit

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The spectrum analysis leader releases a new educational guide for enterprises looking to manage their RF spectrum more effectively.

Cognio, the market leader in spectrum analysis and management for WiFi, has released three informational tools designed to help companies better manage their RF spectrum by establishing spectrum policies and procedures. The goal of these policies and procedures is to minimize conflict among the many wireless technologies companies are now deploying to optimize everything from telephony to computer networking to security. Without a policy for managing the RF spectrum, companies risk one wireless IT investment undermining another.

Key facts and statistics:

  •     Wireless LANs are becoming the default for new networks deployments.
  •     Since 2005, companies have been deploying more laptops than desktop computers, and most new laptops come with wireless networking built in.
  •     Wireless headsets, such as 2.4 GHz headsets, are becoming increasingly popular. Frost & Sullivan has predicted that by 2009, 75% of headsets sold will be wireless.
  •     Cost savings are driving companies to switch to Voice over IP (VoIP) phone systems.
  •     Hospitals, warehouses, and other enterprises are beginning to adopt Voice over WiFi (VoWiFi) for on-campus mobile communications.
  •     RFID, which uses wireless technology to read tags, is gaining popularity for inventory control and track-and-trace.
  •     A growing number of video products transmit images over IP networks or wireless LANs.

Quote attributable to Neil Diener, Cognio's CTO:

  •     "We're encouraging companies to think strategically about the RF spectrum. At most companies, the IT organization should take responsibility for the spectrum, screening all new wireless products before they're deployed, so that one department's IT innovation doesn't interfere with other mission-critical wireless products. Only by recognizing that the spectrum is a shared--and finite--resource, can companies ensure that they are using it well and that all those investments will pay off."

Quote attributable to Tony Barbagallo, WildPackets's VP of Marketing:

  •     "A growing number of IT managers are broadening their horizons and thinking in terms of the RF spectrum, rather than just the wireless LAN. To manage the RF spectrum effectively, IT organizations need to define policies and best practices. Cognio's latest whitepaper explains the policy implementation process and offers excellent suggestions for rolling out policies and procedures in today's complex organizations."

The Cognio Wireless Spectrum Policy Starter Kit consists of:

  •     Rules of the Road for Your Company's Airwaves: Establishing Policies for the Wireless Spectrum, by Senior Sales Engineer, Jim Florwick. This whitepaper for IT managers and business managers explains the importance of having a spectrum policy. The paper includes examples of the problems created when use of the spectrum isn't managed by a central IT authority. It also includes a high-level outline of how a policy should be written.
  •     Application Note: Defining and Enforcing RF Spectrum Policies. This application note goes into more detail about how to write a policy and communicate the policy to all the relevant stakeholders. The application note also summarizes which wireless products are using which RF frequency bands.
  •     Spectrum Policy Downloadable Worksheet Template. This worksheet is helpful for IT managers looking to survey their own company's use of the spectrum.

The Starter Kit is available for download at


  •     Spectrum Policy in the Workplace, Live Webinar: Wednesday, September 5, 2007, at 2 PM EST, presented by Senior Sales Engineer, Jim Florwick



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