What We Will Do For Our Pets

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What would you do for your pet? According to a study done by HNK Consultation many people today have the distinct perception that their pets have human problems and feelings such as separation anxiety and depression. We give them everything from designer clothes and perfumes to psychoanalysis and braces to customized medication that keeps them living longer and helps them recover more easily and quicker.

A recent HNK study revealed that the pet industry has hit an all time high. Victoria Beckham, Matt Dillon, Aston Kutcher, Elton John and Kate Hudson all have pets sporting Doggie Chic by Corey and other famous designers such as Gucci, Fendi, Hermes and Juicy Couture, organic foods, perfumes and hotels, braces for crooked teeth, and pearly necklaces. Pet owners are becoming more and more demanding and will not put up with poor quality products, or shoddy service for their animals. The research of 155 pet owners across the country, asked the question "If there were a store that had all these many conveniences and was less expensive then other on-line pharmacies with a real person always there 24/7 to speak to, would this appeal to you? The results were overwhelming and showed that this concept would appeal to the majority of those polled. They would also like to have the establishment have an on-line store so that those that can't get out or prefer ordering these things from their computers can (there was 9% of people that said that they would prefer to fax in orders).

Even those who reject animal couture are increasingly willing to spend thousands of dollars on drugs for depression, apprehension or pets that just feel sad, as well as psychoanalysis, and even cosmetic surgical procedures which are more prevalent then people think. We might need a Dr. 90210 for pets soon. About 80% of dogs and 50% of cats have been medicated in the past year, according to APPMA, an increase of about 20 percent from 1996. Large drug companies have come up with drugs such as Slentrol for the overweight dog to try to take advantage of this trend, each daily dose will cost several dollars. Reconcile, a new drug for "canine separation anxiety," is another companion animal drug that is looking to become very successful from this new trend. Overall, sales of pet health products has grown about 9% in recent years, more than double the rate in the late 1990s. Many people today have the distinct perception that their pets have human problems and feelings such as separation anxiety and depression. While many veterinarians say these issues are genuine, others say they are simply a way to create more opportunities for generating and selling new animal products. Americans are expected to spend about 50% more on medications to treat their pets this year than they spent five years ago.

With all of this really expensive medication being dispensed a pet owner wants to make sure that their pet will swallow them. There is one cross over segment that Veterinarian Marty Becker of "Good Morning America" fame says is the hottest thing to get your pets to take their expensive medications. It is flavored medications and customized prescriptions. Soon Paris Hilton, the Olsen Twins and Madonna will be getting flavored medications in their pet's choice of flavors such as Angus Beef to Salmon Steak for the pet with the discerning palate (no more hard to do pilling for the pet as well as the pet owner) to transdermal medications that are rubbed into the animals skin (usually the hairless tips of the ears) to get the medication into their bloodstream. Entrepreneurial pharmacists can make up unusual strengths of medication in dosages not commercially made but needed for many small animals. There are even holistic and herbal treatments and foods for those pet owners that want only natural products for their pet. All of these ways to make sure your pet takes their medication as directed really do coddle your pet but at the same time help them recover quicker and more easily. All this pet indulgence can be seen on shows like MTV's- How To Live Like A Celebrity Pet, The Sharon Osbourne Show to Access Hollywood.

With the current fast paced life of most Americans the one stop shopping experience appeals to most (67%); even if it is only one segment that they are interested in. From the research that was done there were very few stores that carry these many diverse products under one roof; couture, goodies, gadgets, organic foods and also customizes pet medications to your pet's liking.

What is your take on the subject, would one store with customized prescriptions that help your animal take their medicine more comfortably and easily, while wearing the latest fashions or animal sporting clothes, and eating organic foods all available under one roof or on one website be a good thing for you, help complete this national study being done across the country. Let us know your thoughts.

Contact Chris Martin at cmartin @ centerpetpharmacy or call us at 1-866-961-5666 or 202-464-1911.


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