The Berke Group Identifies the Personality Traits and Talents Separating Top and Bottom Performers

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The Berke Group announced today initial findings in a series of studies on the personality and talent attributes separating top and bottom performers in a variety of industries, including new home-building, multi-family and commercial real estate brokerage.

It is clear that top performers often share a common set of traits that can be identified and that are significantly predictive of job performance.

The Berke Group is excited to announce its initial findings in a series of studies on the core personality traits and talents separating top and bottom performers. Utilizing its flagship tool, the Berke Assessment, The Berke Group's team of experts worked with participating companies to determine the key behavioral and talent characteristics separating the "best from the rest" for select roles. The Berke Group's analysis was designed to equip hiring managers with an understanding of the behavioral and talent attributes necessary for success so that they can make better selection decisions.

The Berke Group's first study focused on top and bottom performers in the home-building industry. Over the last two years, The Berke Group conducted a systematic evaluation of the characteristics of top performers in 12 key positions at 49 home-building companies throughout the United States.

Martin Freedland, CEO of The Berke Group, notes that "after studying 3000 home-building professionals, we found that for each job studied, top-performing employees consistently shared behavioral traits and talents that were markedly different from average performers." "For instance," notes Freedland, "We found that top-performing salespeople who share a common set of personality traits out-sold their average-performing peers by a margin of 3 to 1." Freedland continues, "It is clear that top performers often share a common set of traits that can be identified and that are significantly predictive of job performance."

Key study findings include:

1) Top performers have a different set of talents and personality traits than average performers. The Berke Group's research consistently demonstrated that companies and managers who set clear job targets, administered assessments, and used structured interview techniques to identify behavioral matches hired employees who perform at higher levels.

2) Managers frequently don't know which behaviors and talents are critical for success in a given role. Even specialists in hiring were frequently mistaken about the importance of certain behaviors and talents based on the positions for which they were hiring. A contributing factor was the fact that most managers had a strong bias toward their own personality and problem-solving type. While this is a natural tendency, it often results in hiring people who are not a behavioral match with the requirements of a job, resulting in employees who perform at less than acceptable levels.

Each of the 3000 participants who participated in the study completed the Berke Assessment, an online hiring assessment that measures an individual's personality and talent variables compared to the requirements of a specific job as defined by a specific company. Personality variables are those relatively stable qualities that describe how a person relates with others, such as a strong preference for working with people or a strong preference for order and predictability. Talent variables describe a person's natural or hard-wired abilities, such as the ability to think through a complicated problem logically or to come up with a quick and immediate solution to a problem.

The Berke Assessment uniquely equips The Berke Group to conduct these studies as it is one of the only commercially available hiring assessments that measures both personality and natural talents in the same integrated instrument. Moreover, the Berke Assessment's ability to measure the strength of fit between a specific person and a specific job enables The Berke Group to evaluate the core attributes required for success by job and by company.

Kelly Land, President of The Berke Group, comments, "We are blown away by the results of our first study in which clear patterns emerged separating the top and bottom performers for a given role across an industry." He further notes, "We look forward to completing our studies in the multi-family and commercial real estate brokerage industries, as well as expanding into additional industries -- we believe we can consistently determine the core variables predictive of success using the power of the Berke Assessment and our talented team of experts."

To receive a copy of the initial study results, or to get more information about a future study, contact The Berke Group at 888-220-7611 or via our online form.

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The Berke Group is an assessment and consulting company specializing in employee selection, management and retention. We are creators of the Berke Assessment, an online hiring assessment measuring candidates' natural talents, behaviors and personality traits against job requirements and company culture. For more information on The Berke Group or the Berke Assessment, visit or call us at 888-220-7611.


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