Glaxicon Music Announces the Release of the 12-Song American-Life Rock/R&B/PoP CD, 'Brando Quin The Journey' Music and Production by RavenPheat and Friends

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Brando Quin's music is acknowledged by fans and musicians as original, unique and powerfully expressive. His vivid portrayal of an American working/struggling class life, conveys the dashed hopes, loss, and heartbreak implicit in living the American Dream.

Glaxicon Music in conjunction with RavenPheat Recording Studios and LuLu Publishing Company releases the 12 song American-Life Rock/R&B/PoP CD, "Brando Quin The Journey" Music and Production by RavenPheat and Friends -- Starring Brando Quin Lead Singer, Song Lyrics Writer and Melodies Composer, Producer John Mahoney Music, Arrangement and Production also featured on Rhythm Guitars, MIDI Sounds, Percussion and Native Flutes, Tim Sadow Lead Violin, Todd Larsen Lead Guitar, Michele Sarrett Backup Vocalist, Dan King Saxophonist, Humanjones Backup Vocalist, Ted Hale Trombonist and Tom Krummenacker Pianist. View supporting Arizona Courier Article at

Brando Quin opens up once again and draws us into his rich Irish/English American heritage giving us yet another award winning album of unique, original, expressive and harmonic American-life Folk/Rock.

The Award Winning CD contains eleven original songs written and composed by Brando including, "The (NFL's) Sofa League of Heroes", "The Perfect Three Love Rules" and "Beautiful Giselle" as an additional bonus feature Brando sings, "I Can't Make You Love Me" written by Allen Shamblin and Mike Reid for Bonnie Raitt's 1991 award winning album, "Luck of the Draw". Bonnie Raitt is one of Brando's longtime admired Musician/Singer/Songwriters, licensing provided by ICG, BMG and ALMO Music Corp.

"Brando Quin The Journey" opens another chapter in Brando's life that captures the fallen dreams, lost hopes and yearning truths of American life experienced during Brando Quin's remarkable forty five years of travels through America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Mr. Quin's Folk/Rock music is acknowledged by fans and musicians as original, unique and powerfully expressive. His vivid portrayal of an American working/struggling class life, conveys the dashed hopes, loss, and heartbreak implicit in living the American Dream.

"Brando's vocal performances are strong...Something about him reminds me of some kind of Bob Dylan meets Johnny Cash hybrid..." --Those Damn Twins, Seattle Washington

"Brando Quin The Journey" marks the return of Brando's classic form; desperation, honesty, humor, arousing integrity and fragility. The album is a continuation from Brando's debut award winning CD, "Brando Quin My Life" released by Glaxicon Music in 2006 which was nominated for and won the following awards for the week of 5 Feb 2007 at Garageband; Track of the Day in Experimental Rock, Best Drums in Experimental Rock, Best Lyrics in Experimental, Best Beat in Experimental Rock, Best Mood in Experimental Rock, and Most Original in Experimental Rock.

Brando's songs exemplify his own personal Irish/English American ethics, philosophy and determination which says, "If you get knocked down ten times, you get up eleven." -- Brando Quin

"Distinct and Different...As Brando begins his song you are reminded of Neil Young and Willie Nelson telling a simple but credible tale. The ordinary stuck in life circumstances. You know immediately that the songwriting is original and intelligent. As soon as you get used to his voice, a female voice enters the mix. The surprising duet with contrasting but blended vocals of a male and female duo make his songs distinct and different. (Michele Sarrett's) voice creates an eerie feeling of an individual journey in an uncomfortable situation. She reminds you of Lucinda Williams or the female singer in Cowboy Junkies. People traveling from town to town as ordinary life goes by is real, sad and keeps the listener an interested audience. These songs are an unusual mix and the skilled bass player assists in creating a specific mood."-- CapitolBasement, Seattle WA

Our rating system for the album, "Brando Quin the Journey"

The Good-$$$$$

Beautiful Giselle (Acoustic Pop) - When Brando heard Brazilian Supermodel Giselle Bundchen had gotten involved in humanitarian efforts such as the, I am African campaign, St. Jude Children's Hospital, and Save the Rain Forest, he wrote this song dedicating it to her. And following her lead donates a portion from the sales of this CD to worthwhile charities.

Livin a Hard Life (Bluegrass Folk/Rock) - Bitter words told time after time can reflect a cruel and doubtful existence.

Beth's Lonely Man (Americana Rock) - What's possible when a person of significance comes into a lonely persons life, changing/altering their existence?

The (NFL's) Sofa League of Heroes (Comedy Pop/Rock) - Finally a song for NFL Football fans everywhere, we salute you!...Originally intended as the Theme Song for a Television Sitcom which revolves around four couples during Professional Football season.

He's Just 18 (American Folk/Rock) - A sad but true patriotic tribute to the boys of Americas military from WWI-WWII-Korea-Vietnam-Kuwait and Iraq.

The Average -$$$

Moving Forward to Nothing (Modern Rock) - Suicide among Americans is at its all time highest, and Brando is all too familiar with the depressing feelings one can hopelessly express. Sometimes suicide seems like the only's not!

It's All About Me (Comedy Pop/Rock) - A parody of playful words written after Brando watched an interview by Tyra Banks the supermodel now talk-show hostess.

A Four-speed Ford, Grandpa and Me (Americana Folk/Rock) - A tribute to Grandfather's who taught their children to drive on dusty trails and back country roads not by sending them to drivers ed classes.

Unresolvable (Psychadelic Blues Rock) - A lost in America tribute to the homeless and destitute on our streets.

The Only Thing not Free (Classic Rock) - A song about American freedoms, loss, and questions with regards to both?

"The Perfect Three Love Rules" (Country PoP/Rock) - A song about youthful love and exuberance as it follows the meeting of a young man and woman, through dating and then eventually marrying...ooh la la ooh

"I Can't Make You Love Me" (R&B) - Brando and Michele do a great job but can anyone really top Bonnie Raitt's version?

The Bad - $ - None.

"The (NFL's) Sofa League of Heroes" a comedic song originally written as the theme song of a Television Sitcom which revolves around 4 couples during NFL football season has recently won the following awards at Garageband:

Track of the Day on 19Aug2007 in Comedy
Best Male Vocals in Comedy, week of 20Aug2007
Best Mood in Comedy, week of 20Aug2007
Most Original in Comedy, week of 20Aug2007

About the Musicians:
Producer John Mahoney of RavenPheat Recording Studios Phoenix Arizona is the Music, Arrangement, Mix and Production Guru of the album. John is also featured playing Rhythm Guitars, Native Flute, Bass, Percussion/Drums, Keyboards and MIDI sounds.

Violinist Tim Sadow also plays with Walt Richardson, The Brazen Heads and The Alston Sisters. He has also played in the 1st violin section of the Tempe Symphony. Tim is an energetic violin player who is both passionate and creative. Raised as a classical violinist in his hometown of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he has performed and recorded in just about every style of music since relocating to Phoenix Arizona. Tim has also performed with other Phoenix-area acts and jazz ensembles, as well as doing freelance session work and providing private violin instruction.

Todd Larsen our lead guitarist is originally from North Dakota and is now living in Atlanta Georgia. Todd is also known as "The Albino Squirrel" to his fans he has been a musician for over 34 years, 26 as lead guitarist. Todd also writes and performs music in the Atlanta Georgia area, but always finds time for some fishing with his daughter.

Backup Vocalist, Michele Sarrett's Christian/Country/Classical opera trained voice has been singing for over 30 years, she currently lives in Scottsdale, Arizona and has recently branched out on her own, completing her debut award winning single, "Bleed Into My Veins".

Dan King our very talented Saxophone player, has been playing the Phoenix, Arizona music scenes for years he also plays with the well known group "Sonoran Swing".

Humanjones to his fans is another one of our talented backup vocalists. Originally from Ohio, he moved to Phoenix Arizona 33 years ago and has been playing, writing and singing music for more than 40 years. He is also currently working on his own debut CD aptly titled, "Most of the only of Humanjones". His previous song awards include the song, "Sorry Mama" written for "The National Organization for Women" during an open songwriting competition.

Ted Hale our blaring Trombonist has toured, performed and recorded with Bob Hope, Dionne Warwick, The Spinners, Jim Nabors, Patti Page and many others. He has served as the General Manager of the Midland-Odessa Symphony & Chorale and currently performs with the Tempe AZ Symphony Orchestra. He has a Doctorate in Music and Higher Education Administration from Indiana University.

And Tom Krummenacker our extraordinary Pianist lives in Peoria Arizona. Tom plays piano in just about every style imaginable and he really shines in the song "I Can't Make You Love Me" performed by Brando and Michele Sarrett.

About the passionate Co-Producer/Lead Singer/Songwriter/Melody Composer/and Arranger of the CD, "Brando Quin The Journey" Music and Production by RavenPheat and Friends.

Brando Quin has performed in United States Air Force entertainment competitions, live theatre, stage productions and in film and television.

He is a member of BMI, The Arizona Songwriters Association, and The LA Indie Film Group. Brando is the award winning author of the three volume book series, "My Poetry Books; by a Frightened Man" the author of the novel and screenplay, "The Master Painter" which is currently being developed into a full length Feature Film and the Lead Singer/Songwriter and Melody Composer of the award winning album, "Brando Quin My Life".

In 2006 Brando received the Editor's Choice Award for Outstanding Achievement in Poetry from The International Library of Poetry. In December 2006 He was awarded the Skilled Poet Certificate of Accomplishment and the Skilled Reviewer Certificate of Accomplishment awards from The International Library of Poetry and The International Society of Poets. In 2007 Brando was awarded the Judge Advocate Medal from the International Society of Poets, was a nominee for Poet of the Year and named a Poetry Ambassador Associate by The International Society of Poets.

He is a man who grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada, "The most dangerous place in the world, Sin City". Brando then traveled the world striving to see his adventures and life from a "normal" person's perspective. After returning to the United States, Brando began writing music, poetry, short stories, his first novel and screenplay and now his second musical album, as well as continuing to draw, sketch, and yearn to return to canvas and oil painting.

He is a former U.S. Air Force Airman and a former U.S. Marine; he has served on the front lines of combat during the Gulf War Conflict.

Brando's hobbies have included pilot, scuba diver, skiing, tennis, racquetball, racing and golf.

He has attended the following Colleges and University; Eastern Arizona College, Clark County Community College, The Community College of the Air Force, and Chapman University.

Brando Quin currently lives in Central Arizona and has recently been seen dating Janet Oesterling the owner of Safford Arizona's Trophies 'N Tees Retail Outlets. The adoring couple have been spotted at several Arizona Hot Spots recently and its obvious their relationship is heating up. Brando has declined interviews with regards to the couples affairs stating, "For those who are interested, my love life can be found within my music, poetry and novels not on the cover of The National Enquirer."

About RavenPheat Recording Studios:
A personable and peaceful recording studio catering to musical creativity and the spoken word, placing Respect, Integrity & Honesty above all else.

About Lulu Publishing Company:
Founded in 2002, Lulu is the world's fastest-growing print-on-demand marketplace.

A place for budding musicians to get heard and sell their stuff

About Glaxicon LLC:
Founder/CEO Brando Quin

About CD Baby:
The fastest growing Music Retail outlet for budding musicians

Support Independent Musicians, CD now available at and in select stores and retail outlets.

*****Note to media folks: Brando Quin would like to send you a special demo CD of his work for
review. To request your complimentary copy, send an e-mail to BrandoQuin @ Be sure to
include your address and media affiliation.

What people at Garageband are saying about "Brando Quin The Journey"

"It's All About Me"--
"Orchestra Effects Support This Comedy...Interesting development of the orchestration takes this "comedy" entry into the next level. I love the use of the synth strings - they sound very real - and, of course, the percussion, and full use of not only rhythm but different "voices" in the orchestra (tympani, cymbals, chimes, deep tenor drums, snare).

The lead vocalist dips and sways, with great dynamics in his well-pitched voice, guiding us through a very funny sendup of modern society (especially Jerry Springer-mania).

Well-produced, and very humorous. I laughed all the way through my second listen. This goes on my favorites list! Bravo."--Anchor Nashville, Tennessee August 31st, 2007

"The (NFL's) Sofa League of Heroes"--
"SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!!!!! Production is perfect sounds very professional. Love the whole "umpa" band sound with the horns. Kinda reminded me of the dirty dozen brass band. Lyrics are great, I mean whats funnier then what goes on during Sunday night football. Funny shtuff.""--Paperbackninja Detroit, Michigan August 15th, 2007

"Livin A Hard Life"--
"Barn Yard Blues...I hear a Banjo. A movie sound track. Small budget film perhaps. The vocalist seems to sing within key. Some nice rhythm stuff in these woods. Sounds a little like Lennon.

The violin and percussion, and everything else works great together. Nice music partner. Like the Beatles Buffalo Bill this is cool. Everyone played well. The sax fit well and played bits and pieces that did justice. Cool Vocals! Tubes Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Mood."-- UTube N.Y.C., New York
September 3rd, 2007

"The clock strikes midnight.....Shadows move...Intro: Nice idea. I like the way, the song is coming, the arrangement is growing. The voice is really dirty. Had to think on Chris De Burgh after twenty years with drinks and cigarettes :-)

Then that backing vocals... Great. This song got a great feeling. I don´t understand all of the lyrics but there is some madness in it, like an Edgar Wallace Movie.. Madness. Horror.. the clock beats midnight... Dark shilouttes...What a great mood!! Creating such moods is art!!!

This is one of the song you will not forget!!

Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Female Vocals, Guitars, Programming, Production, Melody, Mood, Originality."--Guggenberger Munich München, Bayern, Germany September 7th, 2007

"Moving Forward to Nothing"--
"Solid/Chill groove...Liking the intro a lot. The vocals are really good, sound like the Black Crows. I'm really enjoying the groove of this song. The guitars and the drums are definitely the best parts of the song. This song has some potential! Extra Credit: Drums, Beat, Originality, Coolest Chill-Out Track."--ParanoiaNY Warwick, New York September 1st, 2007

"Beth's Lonely Man"--
"This lonely man...Don't be kind: that's a blistering intro, and we expect the singin' gent to really rip into this material, instead he builds to it...Just right. Hot, like coffee. And bitter, like there's no sugar for miles. Of course, the vocals and the guitars match, just like red, white, and blue match.

Production received an award for extra credit in the category. Why? Because every sound was exactly the way we expected it to sound. Even through tiny computer speakers on a laptop.
Well done. Extra Credit: Guitars, Production, Best Potential Movie Soundtrack."--Kingofbermuda
Broomall, Pennsylvania September 6th, 2007

"The Perfect 3 Love Rules"--
"Oohlalaooo!!! The harmonies are the highlight to this song. And really..."Ooh la la ooh" a fantastic chorus! Seriously, it's something that you can really sing along to. Extra Credit: Female Vocals, Mood."--Thepocketco Toronto/Halifax, Ontario/Nova Scotia, Canada September 4th, 2007

"I Can't Make You Love Me"--
"A heart full of Soul...The vocals are really focused here and I love the clarity of the instruments in this song. The song is a very good production. Vocals are great both male and female. A song full of soul with a unique original quality. I hear inspiration from gospel. Feels like a new approach and I love it. Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Female Vocals, Production, Lyrics, Originality."--Roqngaz
Halmstad, Halland, Sweden August 30th, 2007

"Beautiful Giselle"
"Unusual...This homage to Gisele is an unusual composition, but very well produced. Every thing is clear and well balanced throughout...The track builds nicely as it moves along, lots of layers that all fit together beautifully...Occasionally sounded like Deacon Blue!!! Extra Credit: Originality."--Simsongs United Kingdom August 24th, 2007

When Brando heard Brazilian Supermodel Giselle Bundchen had gotten involved in humanitarian efforts such as the, I am African campaign, St. Jude Children's Hospital, and Save the Rain Forest, he wrote this song dedicating it to her. And following her lead donates a portion from the sales of this CD to worthwhile charities. The #1 Song from the award winning album "Brando Quin The Journey" featuring Brando Quin, John Mahoney, Todd Larsen, Tim Sadow, Dan King, Michele Sarrett, Humanjones, Ted Hale and Tom Krummenacker. Latest review, "Unusual! This homage to Gisele is an unusual composition, but very well produced. Every thing is clear and well balanced throughout...The track builds nicely as it moves along, lots of layers that all fit together beautifully. Occassionally sounded like Deacon Blue!!! Extra Credit for Originality"--Simsongs of Garageband. Preview all songs by clicking on the Featured at Garageband or go to

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