800response Offers Critical Lead Generating Tools With Call Analytics, and New Missed Call Monitor

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Custom 800 numbers offer businesses unforgettable direct-response tools that generate more leads than numeric toll-free numbers while providing call data to recapture lost leads.

800response (800response.com), the leading provider of vanity 800 numbers and web-based call tracking services, is offering critical lead generating tools and call tracking services, including the new Missed Call Monitor service, that help businesses optimize media expenditures, generate more leads, and recapture missed sales opportunities.

Missed Call Monitor proactively alerts businesses by email of missed incoming calls as they occur. The instantaneous reporting tool empowers businesses to:

  • Follow up with lost prospects within seconds of a missed call;
  • Choose numerous types of missed calls to monitor -- busy signals, hang ups, ringing "off the hook" without an answer, and even short calls; and
  • Alert multiple contacts within the company for full lead coverage.

The new call monitoring service complements the extensive set of tracking reports provided by 800response. The company's vanity 800 numbers and tracking services enable users to increase incoming leads, analyze lead opportunities, and instantly recover lost calls which may translate into significant sales revenue.

With so many media options available to reach audiences today, from traditional to alternative, tracking response rates can be a challenge. Many businesses use the common approach to navigating the ROI maze of placing unique toll-free numbers in each different advertisement, allowing them to specifically track each ad buy against the other.

However, often advertisers have hundreds of different media buys and ad campaigns, which can translate into logistical headaches of organizing which numbers are used where, and which campaigns pull more results. Therefore, when subscribing to this method they face a series of challenges.

"The most effective advertising campaigns use multiple media types. But tracking consumer response with different phone numbers only identifies which ad was last heard before that phone call and does not take into account the billboard or radio commercial a consumer may have seen earlier that day. And, tracking numbers are typically numeric and difficult to remember, which does nothing to increase an advertisers response rates," says Bill Park of Creative Broadcast Concepts, Inc., an advertising agency that specializes in automotive advertising.

According to Park, tracking data with a numeric toll-free number will identify which ads are working, and which ads are not. But, then advertisers need to focus on working with the strongest performing media outlets, and finding other ways to make those media buys work even harder to generate more leads.

One way for advertisers to achieve higher response rates is to use a more efficient response device, one that is memorable for prospects, like a vanity 800 number. When used in advertising, vanity 800 numbers are proven to increase ad response by 30 to 60 percent, as shown in direct-response advertising studies.

"We've known for years, based on our customers' experiences, that memorable direct-response tools generate more results," says Laura Noonan, vice president of marketing for 800response.

According to the American Teleservices Association the telephone is still the favored purchasing channel, with 45 percent of Americans initiating purchases over the phone, so phone numbers that are used as direct-response devices should be anything but forgettable.

"Similar to businesses that choose a memorable URL, they should also be sure to have a memorable phone number," says Park. He goes on to say, "There is no question that in today's advertising environment marketers need to account for every dollar as it is spent. But, the savviest of marketers will find the balance of tracking while focusing primarily on implementing methods that are proven to get higher response rates."

About Creative Broadcast Concepts, Inc.
Creative Broadcast Concepts, Inc. works with some of the most successful and profitable automotive dealerships in the United States and Canada. Included in that group are some of the largest dealer groups in the country. By collecting ongoing, in-depth information on the media habits of customers, CBC's dealers eliminate wasted money in their ad budgets and concentrate on the specific media options that are most effective in their marketplace.

About 800response
800response is the leading provider of Custom 800 numbers and offers the broadest selection available today. Custom 800 numbers are proven to increase response rates by 30% or more; are unforgettable, trackable, and recordable. Services include a sophisticated Call Routing platform, and Web-based Call Tracking and Recording analysis in real-time. Custom 800 numbers enable businesses to optimize advertising budgets; build a database of leads; access demographic information on callers; allocate sales staff based on call patterns; and analyze advertising results. Call 1-800-NEW-SALES for more information.


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