Feeling Your Values: New Free Online Tool Helps People Identify and Live Their Values

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Digital Value Sorter (http://www.6seconds.org/eqsurvey2) is a new, free online tool that helps people identify their values and reflect on how their daily choices align with their core values.

A new tool is available to help people understand their own values and how to put them in action -- the Digital Value Sorter is free and online at http://www.6seconds.org/eqsurvey2

Values. According to answers.com: "A measure of those qualities that determine merit, desirability, usefulness, or importance," and further, "persons have integrity if they apply their values appropriately."

How do we know when we're applying them appropriately?

It feels good.

Likewise, when emotionally intelligent people are out of integrity, it feels bad. One function of emotion is to provide signals about one's own choices and behaviors, helping us notice when we're violating our values.

In other words, emotions give values weight -- without the feelings, values are simply abstract ideas. This interaction between values and emotions is one of the reasons Six Seconds has developed a new, free tool to help people identify their values and consider how they are applying them.

The Digital Value Sorter (http://www.6seconds.org/eqsurvey2) was developed by Todd Everett, MBA, one of Six Seconds' board members and Joshua Freedman, the organization's COO. Six Seconds is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization equipping change agents to teach emotional intelligence so future generations thrive. The Digital Value Sorter is an example of the powerful tools Six Seconds provides to help people make wise and empathic decisions.

Six Seconds' emotional intelligence assessments and training programs are based on a model that helps people put emotional intelligence into action. The model includes three competencies that connect to values, helping people understand the links between their values, feelings, and behaviors. These and five other competencies are also measured by the Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessment (http://www.6seconds.org/sei), one of the most powerful "EQ" assessments because of its strong statistical rigor coupled with a focus on practical application.

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