New German Beer Stein Company Looking for a Few American Heroes

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New German beer stein company looking to support United States nonprofits and organizations that support, or are, public service oriented. The story of how a young man in Germany turned 9/11 into a venue where his company, that produces beer steins, could honor American firefighters, police officers and other public service heroes. He is actively looking to add to his list of nonprofits to support, through sales of a new, authentic beer stein that can be used as a substantial fundraiser for charities.

Beer steins are the venue to raise capital for charitable organizations in the public service industry.

How did it begin?
In a small town in Germany, September 11th, 2001, a young German professional is watching television in horror. Not only does he feel angst at the pain and suffering taking place before his eyes, but then, in the dark weeks and months that unfold, he is witness to heroic acts by American firefighters and police officers.

Fast forward to 2007. The young man, CEO of Stapfpower Lifestyle Products, Robert Stapf, is now living by choice in the United States. Years have passed but the memory lingers on, not just of the violence and suffering but of the impeccable heroism that not only he, but the entire world watched, as our American hero's diligently carry out, be it with world crisis or the daily community crisis' that they encounter every single day, of every single year.

"I honor all American hero's but wanted to especially reach out to German American hero's within the States because once here, I noticed that there was not much to celebrate their heritage," said Stapf.

"I had never seen anything like this. These people didn't know the other firefighters, but yet, it was so obvious that there was this invisible, unique brotherhood that was so strong."

This was the final sign that he needed to know that the BierFranz Stein was perfect for his mission; to create a product that would embrace and provide a fundraising opportunity that would help the entire nation of hero's.

Almost a decade later, the wounds of 9/11 still fresh in his mind, he reminisces about when he first arrived in the United States and how the first people to befriend him, were a group of emergency services personnel. He remembered their warmth and immediately felt a sense of community when in their presence.

To honor the men and women who put their lives on the line daily, Stapf partnered with a manufacturer in Germany and designed an authentic tribute to hero's of German American heritage as well as those who can personify with the symbols of strength that his products embody.

"To me," said Stapf, "a cultural icon is similar to a hero. Our product, often a fundraiser, is a beer stein, as it is an icon of Germany. It stands for the same qualities a hero stands for; strength, power and tradition."

He went on to say that the stein, called Bierfranz, (web site is the name and dot com) is a 24 hour a day, seven day a week reminder of a community that is special, celebrated, remembered and embraced.

"American hero's were viewed worldwide that September. It wasn't just Americans that noticed the heroic actions, it was the entire world. We, on the outside of the States, realized that these hero's put themselves on the line every day like this for their citizens, and that their bravery is incredible," said Stapf.

The closeness of a community also touched Stapf, who had never experienced such an event until reaching the United States.

He remembered a time not so long ago, when there was a collapse in the Carolina's. Nine of the twelve firefighters died. States away, in Pennsylvania, where he was visiting for the weekend, he was witness to a fire company that paid homage to the fallen hero's with silence, prayers and retrospect.

Why the Stein?
Steins, according to Stapf, are a symbol of strength and enjoyed by all. They are a cultural icon, an escape from the everyday and a representative of a tradition.

The BierFranz steins are often used as décor or added to a coveted collection, but are not only ornamental but functional. They are study enough for everyday use, and best of all, are not imitations of a German Stein, but are authentic German steins of heirloom quality.
Produced in Germany, the steins have that German craftsmanship that is recognized worldwide.

The substantial glass stein, weighing a whopping 2.7 ounces empty is capable of holding almost three bottles of beer.

Gold trim detail, ornamental emblems and embellishments make the BierFranz heirloom quality, while embracing the lure of Oktoberfest.
"Oktoberfest is really why steins are popular, as it is the largest public festival in the world with over six million visitors of all ages; and 1.7 of those visitors are Americans!" said Stapf.

He continued with the realization that since Oktoberfest is a celebration, why not create a more worldwide celebration by incorporating the Steins to those who can't visit Oktoberfest, or who simply want a higher level of craftsmanship than those offered at the festival.

"The BierFranz steins are a great way for a German company like ours to celebrate and pay honor to both German Americans and American Hero's," said Stapf.

Stapf automatically gives one dollar of each sale to a charity that aids or supports American Hero's- or families of, in the United States. However, if an organization wanted to utilize the BierFranz for a charity fundraiser, the company will give a substantial group discount and in addition, give $5 back to the organization for fundraising.

Stapf is currently looking for organizations of all sizes for consideration for support.

To be considered for support, please contact Michele Paiva, at Global Media Guru


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