Lending Gateway's New Student Loan and Debt Consolidation Programs are Successfully Helping Loan Shoppers Repair Credit

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LendingGateway.com's new services are helping many sub prime credit loan seekers repair credit so they can get a better loan including switching from high interest ARMs to lower fixed rate mortgages.

LendingGateway.com launched its pilot debt consolidation and student loan sections last month and is now rolling out these verticals in full force for September. Since adding student loan consolidation and debt consolidation to the company's menu of services, LendingGateway.com is helping many people with damaged credit and too much debt to repair their credit through debt counseling or consolidation so that they are eligible for a better home loan.

It is no news that sub prime mortgage loans are getting more difficult to process. With lenders tightening up requirements for people with less than perfect credit it's hard for borrowers to refinance and purchase a new home. With this in mind LendingGateway.com, originally an online mortgage portal expanded its services to offer auto financing, tax relief assistance, student loan and debt consolidation. These new programs have helped many sub prime credit home loan shoppers refinance their higher risk adjustable rate mortgages into a safer fixed rate by improving the borrower's credit score. People with less than perfect or no credit have been able to improve their FICO credit scores by establishing credit and getting assistance in have an open line of credit thru a reliable sub prime lender for an auto loan. In just a short period of time credit scores improve with guidance from our loan counselors. Shoppers find the right lenders to give them the best interest rates on their home loan.

"No loan officer would offer me any thing. I applied online at LendingGateway.com. Days later I received an email offering me some tips on getting better rates and got an offer to talk to a loan counselor for free. I received a call from the loan councilor and he showed me how on LendingGateway.com I could get a free copy of my credit report." Says Patricia Sandoval from Las Vegas, NV, who found it difficult to get a good interest rate on her loan even after applying online. "In minutes I had my credit report and the loan counselor reviewed it. We saw that I had some debt and also issues with my student loans." Mrs. Sandoval then applied for debt consolidation (https://apply.lendinggateway.com/forms/debt.php) and student loan consolidation (https://apply.lendinggateway.com/forms/debt.php). "I got follow-up calls about my debt and student loan problems. In just a matter of time after improving my credit and debt my loan counselor was giving me options on the best mortgage interest rates. Thanks to LendingGateway.com I got a great home refi loan."

"Situations like Mrs. Sandoval are becoming more common. That is why we have expanded our services to provide student loan and debt consolidation. We are happy to hear that Mrs. Sandoval got get into the best refinance home loan with an excellent fixed interest rate." Says Alexander Capio, CEO of LendingGateway.com, who is responsible for expanding the services http://www.LendingGateway.com to auto financing, insurance (health, life, home, auto, and renters) , debt consolidation, cash advance, tax debt relief, and student loan consolidation.

With a new 5000 sq. foot office that includes a large customer service and loan counseling center, LendingGateway.com is able to help many online borrowers to get the right home loan and relief in the tough lending emvironment. In charge of the new technology and advertising programs are Scott Olson, Chief of Operations and Evan Pickens, Director of Marketing and Media. "We are now able to make appointments and have the software technology to help loan shoppers meet their financial needs as quickly as possible," says Olson. "As online applications become more popular we noticed that consumers are also coming to our website the new offers like tax debt relief, health insurance, and getting an auto loan." Securing the right partnerships for our new offers has been something we have been working on vigorously. "As our lendinggateway.com visitors shop for more than just a home loan we want to make sure that they get the same quality service for all our lending and non lending offers." Says Pickens, who is in charge of keeping track that all our online visitors have been assisted adequately.

Companies like http://www.Lendinggateway.com want to make sure that the mortgage loan industry stays well and running. However, the main concern is to make sure that people do not feel helpless in getting a loan and that they can come to one place to take care of several of their financial concerns.

LendingGateway.com is a privately owned online advertising company working with lenders and consumers. Borrowers can get help with their loans by visiting http://www.lendinggateway.com/apply.html and completing the short application. Lenders interested in the free listing or finding out more about LendingGateway.com's premium services should visit http://www.lendinggateway.com/affiliate.html or call toll-free (888) 278-4792.

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