When Traveling Abroad Independently, Having Knowledge of the Native Language Where You Visit Could Save Your Life

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Traveling abroad can provide you and your loved ones with the experience of a lifetime, but with language barriers presenting obvious challenges, what will you do if an emergency occurs? A new website offers proved timely, cost-effective solutions for increasing your conversational skills in any language in just a few minutes each day with language courses.

More and more people are traveling and working abroad with children and other loved ones, enjoying the sites and sounds and the unique cultures of far away people and places, creating memories that last a lifetime. But when the unthinkable happens, such as a medical emergency, just how many of these travelers are prepared and know at least the conversational basics of the country they visit?

Understanding this important concern, one experienced world traveler has launched a new website, http://www.language-ambition.com, which provides proven quick and easy programs that travelers can use to learn to speak a new language in just minutes a day, utilizing the latest in computer and audio technology.

The site offers top handpicked language learning resources for international travelers and even business professionals who need to communicate with team members or clientele in other countries that serve to decrease the steep learning curve and collapse the lengthy time frames previously associated with studying, understanding and finally speaking a foreign language.

Providing learning methods that involve either computer assisted language learning or the use of MP3 language course learning audio files, the new language ambition website brings together the latest tools and technology to ensure visitors not only have access to cutting-edge language learning solutions, but that they further save time by utilizing the site as a one-stop-shop resource, accessing additional articles, resources and regularly updated materials related to learning a second, third or even fourth language.

"We decided to spend some time in China so our son could get to know the Chinese side of his family The fast and easy way my son learnt both Mandarin Chinese and English fascinated me," explains website creator Clayton Palmer. "I noticed how uninhibited he was talking to both children and adults. Children just do not have the same embarrassment and fear about making mistakes compared to adults."

And how did Palmer and his wife learn a foreign language? They relied on the MP3 Pimsleur method and the computer-based Rosetta Stone Chinese program, both now offered on the language ambition website.

And, which languages does their 3-year-old son speak? According to Palmer, English and Mandarin Chinese.

"Many European and North American children living in China will be starting their new semester at nursery or kindergarten this week, speaking English and Mandarin Chinese without formal instruction," he explains. "This is because they meet other children that are both Chinese and English speaking. Young children just go ahead and get to know each other in a carefree way, not worrying about mistakes."

It is his own unique situation and living with multi-lingual children, paired with the strong belief that travelers need, at the very least, a basic understanding of the native language to ensure safe travels, which prompted Palmer to launch the comprehensive language learning website last week.

"We offer the proven systems to really help people through the language learning course process," he adds. "And, truth be told, no one should travel to a foreign country without knowing how to communicate. This just opens up endless opportunities for mishaps and what will they do in an emergency? Be at the mercy of others they cannot understand?"

Likewise, Palmer says another reason he created the website is because he now realizes the other many advantages knowing and speaking more than a single language affords him and can provide for his own children living and working in different parts of the world.

"It is a real advantage for children and adults to get an experience of language learning which is carefree and worry free when it comes to making mistakes" he adds. "Just talking and getting started gives people the gift of a second language.

"When it comes to language learning just doing it is much more important than doing it right."

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