Peddle Power Puts a New Spin on Promotions

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By using bicycle billboards, Ken Mollan, president and founder of Peddle Power Promotions, offers a unique, environmentally friendly and interactive way to promote brands, products and services.

Peddle Power Promotions has begun offering its unique advertising services to customers in the Chicago Metro area. Using bicycle billboards, Peddle Power offers a unique, environmentally friendly and interactive way to promote brands, products or services.

Ken Mollan, president and founder of Peddle Power Promotion, feels bicycle borne billboards are the wave of the future in advertising. Ken feels his product differs from other mobile advertising in one important way - the ability to interact with the public. In describing the differences, Ken simply explained, "Peddle Power has two meanings - our pedalers are also peddlers of our client's products and services, becoming highly visible and mobile ambassadors of their brands."

The specially designed bikes each have a 4' x 5' lighted billboard than can be pedaled into virtually any location or venue. As Ken explained, the mobility and distinctive nature of his vehicles allow for greater visibility for a client's brand, "We can specifically target any market based on time, location and demographic trend by placing our bikes in areas other mediums can't go or only move through for limited time periods. I feel Peddle Power is really the best way to make sure your impression is made on the customers most likely to purchase your service or product.

Ken came up with the concept of Peddle Power during his frequent visits to the Chicago, "I was always impressed by the success of street vendors and street teams - they just seemed to interact with the public in a way that left a more lasting impression. It made sense to me to marry this type of promotion with a more mobile advertising media. The high cost of gasoline and ubiquity of rolling ads on cabs, buses and other vehicles made bikes seem like an ideal alternative."

The bikes have been out on the road in select locations in Chicago this summer. So far, the response has been great. Ken rode one himself to test the public's reaction and had this to say about the experience, "Riding was a lot of fun - people often stopped and talked to us and I even had a couple of tourists who wanted their photos taken with the bike. It was great to see people point and stare as I rode by. In the first hour of riding we actually had three inquiries from organizations wanting to advertise."

In addition to their uniqueness and ability to advertise almost anywhere a client wants, Peddle Power offers competitive advertising rates. Ken said, "I have researched similar mediums - radio, TV, print and cab & truck borne advertising, and we are less expensive. More importantly, the slower pace and uniqueness of our medium allow viewers to read and digest our customer's message in ways the other mediums don't allow."

For Further Information contact Peddle Power Promotion at (800) 392-6966 ext 30.


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