'Stop Popping and Start Sniffing' Advises Smell Scientist

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A safer, non invasive approach to health has been under our nose all along, and with the help of Dr. George Dodd and ScentuellePatch.com one of the biggest health problems is being addressed. A safe and natural libido enhancer that does not enter the bloodstream and is now available in the U.S. and Canada.

The Orion Group Ltd is offering a breakthrough product for dealing with one the biggest health issues around: loss of libido. In addition to Scentuelle, their libido enhancing patch, The Orion Group has just launched a newsletter for their site visitors. The newsletter is designed to further educate the many North Americans that are seeing doctors and taking countless prescription pills to solve libido issues, that they have the power through their sense of smell to take control of their romantic lives.

In addition to providing information on how and why the sense of smell works, the newsletter also offers many resources and suggestions related to improving intimacy and dealing with libido issues.

The Orion Group website (http://www.scentuellepatch.com) and newsletter "Scentuelle Notes" highlight the fact that most prescription drugs merely cover the symptoms and seldom address the cause of the problem.

Popping pills has become a cultural habit. From 1994 to 2004, the number of prescriptions purchased increased 68% from 2.1 billion to 3.5 billion. "Popping pills primarily changes the body's chemistry," says Dr. George Dodd, a leading researcher in the science of smell. "When you start playing games with the delicate natural systems of the body, you're bound to get into trouble."

Dr. Dodd is a pioneer in the science of smell, and is the Director of Product Research and Development for The Orion Group Ltd. Dodd has done extensive research on how the olfactory system provides a safer, non invasive approach to health and wellness. Most people pay little attention to their sense of smell. The sense of smell has a powerful influence on behavior. It controls cravings, triggers memories, enhances moods and plays a key role in sexual response.

The Orion Group is a company that is focused on using the sense of smell for health and wellness. President Luke Vorstermans points to the ageing boomers as a prime example of the need to develop a new range of products that are safe and without side effects.

"Millions of boomers are facing their retirement years and the one thing they want is their health. With longevity increasing, many boomers will enjoy another 20 or 30 years of living. Boomers, like most everyone else, are recognizing that taking more and more drugs to combat health issues is not a viable option."

Education and providing information on the power of the sense of smell for health and wellness has become a top priority for the company, evidenced by their recently launched newsletter and video series exploring the sense of smell as a tool for maintaining optimum health without the use of drugs.

To discover more on the company's unique products that use the sense of smell, visit; http://www.scentuellepatch.com

For more information contact:
Luke Vorstermans, President
The Orion Group Ltd.
Telephone 888 412-1067


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