The Horse, DNA and Texas A&M -- Collaboration Yields New Tool for Equine Identification

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At $ 95.00 dollars, one would not think you could get a DNA test on a Human, let alone a Horse. Thanks to the collaboration of Wall Street Detective Services and Texas A&M University, a new low-cost tool of Identification and Justice is available.

EDNA, which means Equine Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) as a test, can now create and assign the Horse a long needed E.I.N. or "Equine Identification Number". The A&M Equine Genetics laboratory conducts Identification and Lineage testing for the EDNA program and reports results directly to Wall Street Detective Services/EDNA Registry.

Many experts consider the EDNA test to be 99.999999999999% accurate and DNA is valid Prima-Facie evidence in US courts. Law Enforcement and many developed countries accept DNA typing evidence with a proper chain of custody.

The EDNA test does not show that a Horse is one in 10,000 (like many breed registries); it shows that it is the identical Horse of billions! This test can assist with tracking disease, movement, Lineage and especially discourage Horse Theft or Fraud.

DNA is now a familiar household term. It's used in TV crime dramas like CSI, Law and Order, Cold Case, Court TV, movies, books and documentaries. EDNA is Equine DNA and like humans no Forensic fingerprint is the same.

Simply stated, the EDNA test supplies the Horse with a one of its kind "Forensic Fingerprint" with DNA that defies alteration and can't be copied. Since EDNA tests saliva with surgical grade swabs only, it is completely non-envasive and will not cause cancer as implanted devices could.

The "EIN" using "DNA" as a Forensic fingerprint is modern science finally practical for the Horse.


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