Wiley Publishing Releases The Nuts & Bolts Guide to Creating Movies with Machinima

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'Machinima For Dummies' by Hugh Hancock & Johnnie Ingram

Machinima, the combination of machine + cinema, is both a collection of production techniques, and a film genre defined by those techniques. Enthusiasts are now using the engines from first-person shooter and role-playing video games to produce movies using regular PCs, rather than relying on the huge (and wildly expensive) render farms that traditionally produce CGI animations. Usually, Machinima productions use the tools (demo recording, camera angle, level editor, script editor, etc.) and resources (backgrounds, levels, characters, skins, etc.) available in a game. When done correctly, this type of film can result in a more professional production than is possible with traditional at-home techniques of live video tape, or stop action using live actors, hand drawn animation or toy props. To provide enthusiasts with a guide to not only get started, but produce their own Machinima movie, Wiley Publishing is releasing 'Machinima For Dummies' (Wiley Publishing, Inc.; ISBN: 9780-470-09691-8; September 2007; $29.99). This book shows readers how to, at little or no expense, make virtually any movie using Machinima. The authors take the reader from making their first Machinima movie to a grounding in both conventional filmmaking and Machinima technology that will let them tackle very complex film projects.

Written by Hugh Hancock and Johnnie Ingram, two of the best-known authorities on Machinima, they share the methods and techniques used to create movies using game engines, APIs, and other third-party video editing tools. 'Machinima For Dummies' contains introductions to all aspects of Machinima production, from live filming in a game through the creation of sets, props and characters, as well as the basics of cinematography, storytelling and sound design. Including a fully-loaded CD, this book has everything readers need to get started making Machinima, including demo versions of several game engines, a 3-D modeling and animation package, and much more. The authors focus on the following Machinima platforms:

  •     The Sims 2 -- arguably the most popular Machinima platform of all time.
  •     World Of Warcraft -- following in the footsteps of award-winning Machinima creators and even the makers of South Park.
  •     Medieval 2 -- create Lord of the Rings-scale medieval battle films
  •     MovieStorm -- lets readers unleash the power of Machinima as a professional user using a fully featured, fully licensed commercial Machinima platform.

Anyone who has ever been interested in animation will be interested in exploiting Machinima techniques to make high quality, low cost, easily distributed movies. Perfect for amateur and professional film-makers alike, as well as gaming and animation enthusiasts, 'Machinima For Dummies' makes it possible for anyone to direct a full feature-length film, cheaply, right in front of their PC.

About the Author
Hugh Hancock has been described as the "guru of the Machinima movement." As the Executive Producer of the world's longest-running Machinima production company, Strange Company, he has directed Machinima animations for the BBC, BAFTA, Scottish Screen and computer games giant EA, as well as several acclaimed independent films. He founded http://www.machinima.com, the source of record for the Machinima movement, and wrote over 100 articles on Machinima production during his six-year tenure as Machinima.com's Editor-In Chief. He has written on Machinima for O'Reilly Publishing, Gamasutra.com, PC Format magazine and many others. He and Johnnie Ingram are currently producing "BloodSpell," the longest ever Machinima production.

Johnnie Ingram has degrees in both Drama and Information Technology, has worked as a professional theatre director and a web designer, and seeks in Machinima to bridge the gap between theater and technology.

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