Back in School? Free Math Program Math Mechanixs Improved it's Calculator Utility

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The enhanced Calculator Utility of Math Mechanixs®, a free math software program, is just the latest in a long list of incredible features. Some of which are stunning full color graphs in both 2D and 3D, the Function Solver, Numerical Integration and Differentiation and so much more. The software is currently available at no cost via the company's website. Both high school and college students, as well as anyone who uses math, will find this to be a great tool.

Math Mechanixs®, a comprehensive, free math software package, has released version

After introducing integration and differentiation, the team at Math Mechanixs® ( decided it was time get back to basics and revamp it's Calculator Utility. This utility lets one use Math Mechanixs like an ordinary calculator, just use a mouse to click the buttons. This improvement allows users to quickly perform many calculations and to unlock the true power of our comprehensive software. Just quickly click some buttons and learn the format to interface with our Math Editor and some other, more advanced, utilities. This makes our software even easier to use for the high school student, college student, engineer or anyone else interested in math. Anyone who uses math should try Math Mechanixs.

If there are questions regarding the Calculator Utility, simply click on the question mark in the upper left corner of the utility and a very useful help page will appear. Reviewing this short page will teach one how to get started. Even after using the utility for a while, this page will be helpful with some of the finer points of the utility.

Learning a new piece of software can take some time. Though Math Mechanixs is intuitive to use, to take advantage of the full power of the software can take time. To help our users, Math Mechanixs includes tutorials. These tutorials are .wmv files that can be viewed with ones media player. They are videos showing how to perform different operations within Math Mechanixs. They also have a voice-over to explain what is being done. There are a number of basis Tutorials build into Math Mechanixs and more are available for download at our website. These Tutorials compliment our extensive Help and our Example files.

For additional information on the news that is the subject of this release (or for general information about Math Mechanixs), contact Ed Hilston, or visit us at for details.

About Math Mechanixs LLC:
Math Mechanixs LLC is the provider of Math Mechanixs®, an easy to use general purpose math software program. Math Mechanixs has done for math, what the word processor did for creating documents. The typical tool for obtaining answers to a mathematical problem has been the calculator. Unfortunately, a calculator can be very limiting. Most do not allow the user to record detailed notes regarding their work. Until the graphing calculator, the user could not graph their data either. Math Mechanixs has changed all that. Math Mechanixs includes the ability to graph data, on your computer's display (in full color), and export the graph to other applications. It also includes a Math Editor that allows the user to keep detailed notes on their work. One can save one's work and share it with anyone who uses Math Mechanixs. Math Mechanixs was created with the belief that computers were made to solve mathematical problems. Hand-held calculators were a great tool but Math Mechanixs is a tool for the 21st century. Our goal is to make math software available to everyone. For more information visit us at the website listed below.

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