Searching for Solace: The SearchAdNetwork-Pacific Film Institute Story

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In a world where imagination is stifled and children are permitted to lose sight of their dreams, one compassionate organization sought help from an experienced agency in their endeavors to inspire creativity and encourage diversity.

September 14, 2007 - It's late Summer 2007. Pacific Film Institute, a non-profit organization, dedicated to providing tuition subsidies to minority and underprivileged kids to encourage them to follow their dream of a career in Film and Television, is pounding the pavement seeking donations to fund scholarships and purchase equipment. Each day is an arduous journey rollicking with strides and set backs, sunshine and storm, hope and frustration. PFI thinks they are trapped in Fortuna's fickle flux until that fateful day they stumble upon SearchAdNetwork. And their luck begins to change. Searching for Solace: The SearchAdNetwork-Pacific Film Institute Story is a inspirational, redemptive tale that will tug at your heart strings and renew your faith in human kind.

Act I opens on PFI struggling to establish an online presence and in need of an effective, economical way to reach potential donors worldwide. The organization is endorsing a raffle for a $1 million dream house, which can be located anywhere in the world. Proceeds will help to establish a scholarship fund and help secure computers and equipment for students. Raffle ticket sales are modest and donations to the organization are running below expectations--PFI begins to feel a tinge of despair.

Cue SearchAdNetwork in Act II, a recognized search engine marketing company with years of experience in PPC management and search engine optimization. PFI CEO Lynn Shourds contacts SearchAdNetwork in an effort to reach philanthropists worldwide through search engine marketing. "We received a rather hefty Google Grant but we weren't sure what exactly to do with it," says Shourds. "We did a search for online marketing and saw one of SearchAdNetwork's ads. We figured they must know their stuff to be ranked that high plus they had great credentials." SearchAdNetwork creates an A-List campaign for PFI focusing on both the dream home raffle and charitable donations.

"Inspiring creativity in young adults and encouraging them to partake in the Arts is so important, especially now when so many schools are pulling funds from these creative programs," says Samantha Pope, Vice President of SearchAdNetwork. "PFI is encouraging kids to tap into their creative sides and helping them to follow their dreams. We're so glad they are allowing us to help in these efforts!" Since the opening credits of Searching for Solace, PFI has seen a significant increase in raffle ticket sales--the most tickets sold in any week period several weeks running--and PFI anticipates a forthcoming boost in charity donations. SearchAdNetwork is currently optimizing and expanding the campaign; however, it is already receiving rave reviews and being hailed as the must-see blockbuster of the summer. The SearchAdNetwork-Pacific Film Institute Story has yet to reach denouement but both stars are optimistic and audiences are sure to be pleased.

For more information on SearchAdNetwork visit or call 877.462.9764. For more information on Pacific Film Institute, or to purchase a Dream House Raffle ticket or make a donation visit or call 800.844.0752.

About SearchAdNetwork
SearchAdNetwork is recognized search engine marketing company with years of experience in PPC management and search engine optimization. SearchAdNetwork is a division of Location3 Media, Inc., a technology-driven direct marketing company that delivers Internet marketing solutions for business targeting audiences on local to global scales. Location3 Media, Inc. was founded in 1999 and is now parent to other specialized Internet marketing companies as well: Local Search Traffic, a local advertising division focusing on business listings and local pay per click management; and Hispanic Targeting, a full-service search engine marketing solution dedicated to targeting the Hispanic population through each of the leading search engines. Location3 Media boasts a full roster of experienced and knowledgeable team members, well-versed in several specialties: account management, information technology, graphic design, website design, business development, accounting and finance, copywriting and office administration.

About Pacific Film Institute
Pacific Film Institute is a California 501(c)(3) non-profit education institution committed to providing tuition-assisted and tuition-free education in all aspects of filmmaking to social-economically disadvantaged and minority students, to encourage students to seek careers in the film and television industry and to promote diversity within this community. Pacific Film Institute is headed up by CEO Lynn Shourds and President/COO Alan Shafer. Shourds has been immersed in the entertainment world for over 25 years, working as a singer, actor, producer and writer in various dimensions: stage, television, radio, film and music. Shafer, too, is a long-time entertainment industry inhabitant--he began his professional career as an entertainment/sports lawyer and agent over twenty years ago and now sits as president of a personal management and production company, Careyes Entertainment--home to several well-known writers, directors and producers.


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