Attacking Acne is More Than Skin Deep

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New patented and proven Murad Acne Line address symptoms from the inside out.

This harsh approach simultaneously dehydrates, inflames, and irritates the skin, leading to more problems.

Acne affects nearly everyone at some time in their life, with an estimated eighty percent of people experiencing breakouts. Murad's new line of acne products address factors involved in the causes of acne, including excess skin cells, excess oil, and bacteria, while simultaneously reducing redness and inflammation.

"Until recently, the only things available to treat acne were drying agents. People had no choice but to assault the inflamed area with benzoyl peroxide," says Howard Murad, M.D, dermatologist, CEO and founder of Murad, Inc. "This harsh approach simultaneously dehydrates, inflames, and irritates the skin, leading to more problems."

Daily care begins with the Murad Acne Regimen, designed to reduce surface bacteria, gently exfoliate excess skin cells, provide necessary hydration, and instantly reduce inflammation. With a unique patented formulation, the Murad Acne Regimen provides relief for anyone suffering from acne and other acne-like conditions.

According to Dr. Murad, there are many skin conditions that mimic acne, including keratosis pilaris, eczema, folliculitis and peri-oral dermatitis. All appear as red, inflamed bumps on the skin, and need to be treated with a non-irritating approach. "One of my goals in developing these products is to educate people about their skin," he says. "We need to address all of the factors which cause these red bumps. Many of my patients have problems that look like acne. Acne and similar conditions need to be treated systematically, by first addressing the cause. Leaving it alone, or drying it up, will not make it go away. Acne blemishes can scar the skin, not to mention one's self-esteem. I created these products to prevent this damage."

The Murad Acne Regimen consists of:

Clarifying Cleanser
This formula reduces 99.9% of surface bacteria, the contributing factor for red bumps, in less than one minute. Salicylic Acid deeply cleans pores, while anti-inflammatory agents such as Black Cohosh and Green Tea Extracts combine with natural moisture factors to soothe and hydrate. (6.75 oz., $26.00)

Clarifying Toner
Witch Hazel tightens pores, while Menthol cools. Calendula, Cucumber and Grape Seed Extracts soothe and hydrate. (6 oz., $21.00)

Acne Body Wash
This triple-action body wash features fine-grained date seed powder, salicylic acid and triclosan to exfoliate, deep clean pores and prevent future breakouts.
(8.5 oz., $37.50)

Exfoliating Acne Treatment Gel
Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids gently exfoliate, while Retinol, Zinc, Arnica, and Hydrogen Peroxide control oil, reduce bacteria, alleviate redness and prevent new breakout. Patented formula. (3.4 oz., $53.00)

Anti-Aging Acne Treatment
This dual-benefit patented formula reduces acne breakouts while preventing the signs of aging. Azeleic and salicylic acids decrease oil production and acne blemishes while palmitoyl peptide-3 softens wrinkles and conditions for a healthy, smooth complexion. (1.7 oz., $53.00)

Moisturizing Acne Treatment Gel
This oil-free gel is scientifically proven to significantly increase moisture content while decreasing breakouts by 45% in just 2 weeks. (2.65 oz., $42.00)

Clarifying Mask
Kaolin and Bentonite clays reduce excess oil. Sulfur, Zinc and Licorice Extract minimize the severity of breakouts. Camphor and Lavender leave skin cool and calm. (2.65 oz., $35)

Skin Perfecting Lotion
Retinol retexturizes skin as it encourages healthy cell turnover. Extracts of Arnica, Willow Herb, Grape Seed and Green Tea soothe and protect inflamed skin. Oil-free formula hydrates with lightweight finish. (1.7 oz., $33.00)

Pure Skin® Clarifying Supplement
Vitamin A minimizes excess cell production, while B Vitamins and Zinc reduce inflammation and aid in tissue repair. Purifies, repairs, and heals acne and problem skin. Patented blend clinically proven to reduce blemishes by 55% in six weeks. (30 day supply, $42.00)

Clarifying Body Spray
An anti-acne body spray that goes on easy and dries quickly, leaving behind important acne fighters to keep "bacne" away. Salicylic Acid, Retinol and antibacterial ingredients blend with skin conditioners to target hard to reach areas, keeping them blemish-free. (4.3 oz., $35.00)

Murad products are available at Murad Medical Spa, Los Angeles, Sephora stores nationwide and other Murad selected salons and spas. For locations offering Murad professional services, please call 1-800-33-MURAD or visit


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