Waterfilter USA: As Aging Public Water Supply Pipes Add to Concerns about Tap Water Quality, Water Filters Are Emerging as Most Economical and Eco-Friendly Choice for Pure, Contaminant-Free Water

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Every day, aging public water supply pipes coated with decades of contaminants and rust deliver chemical-laden tap water into our nation's homes. In the face of this health concern, increasing numbers of Americans are turning to water filters to ensure pure, contaminant-free, economical water for their homes. An exciting side benefit of this new health movement is the reduction of disposable water bottles making their way into our nation's landfills, says Waterfilter USA.

It has long been known that our nation's natural water resources are in peril due to environmental pollution and industrial toxins. But now a new health hazard has surfaced in the form of aging public water supply pipes. These networks of pipes are often many decades old, corroded and coated with years of contamination. In the midst of this increasing health concern, water filters are quickly emerging as a smart and economical choice to ensure pure, contaminant-free water in American homes, says Waterfilter USA.

According to environmental experts at the Ralph Nader Research Group, more than 2,100 toxic chemicals currently exist in our nation's public water supplies, including chlorine, herbicides, pesticides and potential carcinogens.

Even if your area's public water supply meets Federal water quality mandates, these aging public water supply pipes can contaminate tap water to the point that it becomes unusable. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency has projected that unless cities invest more to repair and replace their water and sewer systems, nearly half of the water system pipes in the United States will be in poor, very poor or "life elapsed" status by 2020.

Often, the best and most economical solution for individual households facing such frightening waterborne health threats is the installation of a high quality whole house water filter such as Waterfilter USA's Pelican Premium Whole House Water Filter.

Lili Wright, a green-lifestyle designer, was recently quoted by Philly.com as saying, "Consider adding a whole house water filtration system. Then you won't be bathing your body or your organic fruits and vegetables in chlorine and other potentially harmful chemicals."

A whole house water filter works as a point-of-entry system, automatically filtering every drop of water that enters a home's plumbing system. This filtration approach ensures that not only drinking water, but also the water used to cook, bathe and launder clothes is clean and contaminant-free.
Water filters are even being touted as a great way for households to join the "go green" trend toward ecologically-friendly living.

In a recently published Philly.com article regarding creating a clean, eco-friendly environment, Kimberly Rider, author of The Healthy Home Workbook: Easy Steps For Eco-Friendly Living, was quoted as saying, "Start with your health and the health of your family and go from there ... In the long view, a healthy household is healthier for the environment as well."

Minimizing the pollutants and chemicals typically found in a home's water supply and its air is the primary recommendation of most environmental sustainability experts. Surprisingly, filtered water accomplishes both, even at levels of contamination ten to fifteen times legal limits.

For example, a good quality shower filter can dramatically reduce or even eliminate the toxic vapors unleashed in shower steam. This is significant as research has revealed that by breathing in steam from a single ten-minute unfiltered hot shower, the body absorbs 600% more dangerous contaminants than if that very same water was consumed all day long. Since skin is a living, breathing organ, it metabolizes whatever it is exposed to - including toxic gases released into the steam from showers. As water runs down the shower drain, harmful gases rise, settling on the skin and invading the lungs.

From an environmental standpoint, choosing water filters over bottled water is definitely an eco-friendly one. With each passing day, our planet is becoming increasingly polluted with non-biodegradable plastic water bottles. In the United States alone, more than 60 million of these bottles are discarded every day, presenting an ecological disaster in the making. Even with recycling, landfills are quickly becoming overrun with "disposable" water bottles that take up to 1,000 years to decompose.

So when deciding where to best begin in your efforts to protect the quality of your home's water supply as well as help create a cleaner, more sustainable environment, water filters are definitely a smart choice.

About Waterfilter USA
Waterfilter USA is a multi-million dollar, debt-free corporation created with the customer in mind. They have developed business relationships with the world's top water filter manufacturers in order to provide their customers with the best in water filtration systems at highly competitive, factory-direct savings.

Offering same-day shipping and safe, secure online transaction service, Waterfilter USA provides free shipping on all orders over $25.00, including Hawaii, Alaska, Canada and Puerto Rico. Expedited shipping is also available.

Waterfilter USA features a wide range of water filtration systems and brands, including Pelican™ whole house water filters, Aquasana™ water filters and Wellness™ water health systems.

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