EmploymentGroup Collaborates with VCG, Inc. to Develop SuccessCheck

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Staffing Solutions Company and leading HR Software Company develop technology to assist with candidate placements.

EmploymentGroup (http://www.employmentgroup.com), a solutions-based staffing company in Michigan announces the development and implementation of SuccessCheck, an online pre-employment assessment that ensures the best placements. EmploymentGroup and VCG collaborated on developing one of its latest product offerings, SuccessCheck.

EmploymentGroup was looking for an assessment tool that would provide its clients with a 'success predictor' for potential candidates. In order to accomplish this, we enlisted the assistance of our technology partner, VCG, Inc. who also developed our current StaffSuite and StaffSuite WorldLink online portals. EmploymentGroup wanted the assessment to integrate seamlessly with these online portals that are utilized by candidates to upload their resumes and register. Once the decision to move forward on the project was made, Linda Miller, CFO of EmploymentGroup, and Steve Taylor, President & CEO of VCG met to discuss the project. From that meeting, VCG's product management team began reviewing assessment vendors and together with EmploymentGroup selected Psichometrics. Based on the feedback EmploymentGroup provided and together with VCG, SuccessCheck was developed.

SuccessCheck is an online tool that assesses the general intellectual, emotional, ethical, and personality suitability for a job or position. The assessment is comprised of three parts: attitude, personality, and cognitive. EmploymentGroup client service specialist use SuccessCheck assessment results, in conjunction with a face-to-face interview, to predict an applicant's success and fit within the company and the position prior to being placed.

Following the development of SuccessCheck, Bill Hofrichter, VP of Human Resources for EmploymentGroup, began the training and testing phase of the project. EmploymentGroup team members tested SuccessCheck's functionality and integration with StaffSuite daily for one month. Once the testing was complete, EmploymentGroup implemented SuccessCheck. Currently, all applicants are required to pass and complete each section to be placed by EmploymentGroup.

"Thanks to the collaboration with VCG, we were able to make SuccessCheck a reality. It is another example of our commitment to technology in order to provide our clients with successful placements, "said EmploymentGroup CFO, Linda Miller. "It is this type of ongoing collaboration that makes VCG and EmploymentGroup mutually successful," said Steve Taylor, President & CEO of VCG. "Both companies worked together to develop the most effective integrated attitudinal, personality, and cognitive assessment product for the staffing and recruiting industry," said Taylor.

About EmploymentGroup
Founded in 1958, EmploymentGroup is a solutions-based business and managed services company, providing and delivering quality staffing solutions to allow its clients to focus on their core business functions. With offices in Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois, EmploymentGroup specializes in recruiting, training, and placing permanent and temporary field associates in contract, administrative, professional, technical, and light industrial positions. EmploymentGroup, through its EG Managed Services division provides essential but non-strategic managed services to companies including mail and document management, archives, courier, shipping and receiving, custodial and grounds. To find out more about EmploymentGroup, please visit http://www.employmentgroup.com, or to learn about EmploymentGroup Managed Services, please visit http://www.egmanagedservices.com.

About VCG, Inc.
VCG provides comprehensive staffing and recruiting solutions that power success. Since 1976, VCG has helped hundreds of companies and more than 14,000 professionals worldwide achieve operational excellence by streamlining their unique business processes and accelerating finding and placing the people most likely to thrive. VCG, C-PAS, StaffSuite, TempWare-V, WebPAS, StaffSuite WorldLink and WebPAS WorldLink are registered trademarks of VCG, Inc. Pointwing is a trademark of VCG, Inc. For more information visit: http://www.vcgsoftware.com or call 1.800.318.4983.


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