High Targeted Traffic (Unique Visitors) + The Right Sales Conversion = Website Success

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Websites find the right traffic through search engine optimization (SEO). Successful websites routinely convert a steady percentage of these unique and repeating visitors into sales. This sales conversion requires that visitors stop long enough to look, hang around (get hooked), and purchase. Depending on the type of business, sales conversions should range from 3-8 percent of unique visitors.

Fishing Webmaster LLC has added content analysis and content writing to its professional website design/development and search engine optimization (SEO) services. Copywriter Marvin Pirila, staffer for Fishing Webmaster, heads content writing services. "Fishing Webmaster's goal is more than providing top search engine optimization, it's about attaining the final goal of the customer -- $ales. More than search engine optimization is required to make a website a success. Websites can have the right traffic and still fail to make sales. The problem often lies in the way the content was written and structured. Fishing Webmaster analyzes sites for specific problems in the sales process, building trust, and finalizing the sale. When sites do well, we feel we've gone that extra distance the customer will always remember. The staff of Fishing Webmaster stresses the two main components to website success, SEO and sales conversions through the right, structured content."

[High Targeted Traffic (Unique Visitors) The Right Sales Conversion = Website Success]

Mr. Pirila states that conversions require that visitors stop long enough to look, hang around (get hooked), and purchase. Depending on the type of business, sales conversions should be 3-8 percent of unique visitors.

Websites find the right traffic through search engine optimization (SEO). Once the site is driving traffic then it's a matter of converting visitors to sales via the right content and structure. If the conversion ratio is good, a website needs to concentrate on increasing its traffic through search engine optimization.

[Sales conversions percent = Number of Sales Transactions/Visitors]

For example: if a website had 1,000 visitors in August and 10 of them bought something, the sales conversion would be 1 percent (10/1000). Unless this is an extremely highly priced item like a jet, the sales conversion rate should be much higher.

Dismal sales conversions can result from failing to reach the targeted audience. The right visitors are found through the right keywords and professional search engine optimization. The wrong visitor will simply click away. It's better to have less of the right audience than many of the wrong ones. Say that 500 of your 1,000 visitors for August were looking for something other what the website sells. Removing these 500 from the sales conversion ratio results in a new rate of 2 percent (10/500).

Mr. Pirila said content problems often include:

  • the home page fails to convince the customer they really need your product. It may fail because:
  • It doesn't explain how it solves a problem, make you richer, sexier, successful, or life easier.
  • It fails to hold their attention. The site may have problems such as: it isn't physically appealing; subheadings are missing; there's no intriguing title; it's confusing; shopping carts are missing, confusing, and/or difficult to use.
  • It states features, rather than benefits. For example, a 36" cut on a lawnmower is a feature. Getting your lawn mowed much faster is a benefit.
  • Lacks a call to action, such as "buy now."
  • Fails to have links to additional pages such as testimonials, contact us, about us, product features, site map, etc.
  • It forces its user to scroll from left to right to read or view.
  • The proper font size and color aren't used. Text should be a minimum font size of 10 and titles bigger with a different color.
  • Text should be error free. It should be formatted with text left justified, margins of at least 1", and have proper spacing between paragraphs.

Let's imagine that the 1,000 visitors were from the right targeted audience and you managed to improve your sales conversion percentage to 4 percent. This translates to 40 visitors (1,000 visitors x 4 percent) that purchased something instead of the original 10. This is a 400 percent increase in sales. A 4 percent conversion rate is generally a good rate, but you would continue to tweak things to make it easier to read, view, and buy from the site.

At a 4 percent conversion rate though, the majority of your focus would be towards increasing the right targeted audience to the site. If you can maintain or improve the conversion rate, while increasing the audience, sales will soar. For example, say you increased visitors to 2,000. At the conversion rate of 4 percent, you would now have 80 purchases instead of the original 10.

Once a website is experiencing higher conversion rates and larger targeted audience, more time can be spent expanding the audience. Monitor conversion rates, and if they begin to fall, revisit SEO and consider making revisions to the home page.

Fishing Webmaster provides professional search engine optimization, the right content and site structure that helps websites perform at optimum levels.

Based in Duluth, Minnesota, Fishing Webmaster specializes in both search engine optimization and content writing. Call Marvin Pirila at (218) 391-2876 to discuss your website needs today.

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