LinkDoozer Beta Mashes Social Bookmarking and Web 2.0 with Your Favorites List to Promote and Organize Your BookMarks

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Newbie Internet users will now be able to enjoy all the most modern conveniences of Web 2.0 when they use LinkDoozer as their homepage - all their favorites and bookmarks can be added at the click of a button, review facilities and social networking features allow people to swop interesting sites and share ideas. A host of slick features, including third party widgets for searching and email, drag and drop features to organize bookmarks, special AJAX based browser windows, one-click bookmarking and much more ensure that the modern user has everything at their fingertips. WebMasters and Bloggers can increase their site's visibility by using LinkDoozer to bookmark their favorite sites and LinkDoozer has several features that enhance the useability of the Web and of websites for potential customers and readers alike.

LinkDoozer is an easy to use web 2.0 utility that enhances and changes the way in which people surf the Net.

Intended primarily as a homepage, LinkDoozer provides a completely free environment for users to add, manage, view, review, share and promote those Websites or links that are important to them.

In order to be truly useful to its community, LinkDoozer is committed to avoiding the tiresome monetization schemes that most other sites use. Says the Founder of LinkDoozer:

"LinkDoozer is completely devoid of all advertising, it doesn't require any more information other than a name, email address and password in order to set up the account, there are no monetary costs associated with using LinkDoozer, and it requires no irritating software downloads in order to make use of it. Above all, it is not engaged in any sort of email marketing or promotions or cross-promotions and so on -- users will never be pushed by commercial motivations. We do this because we want people to feel that their LinkDoozer account is their own homepage - their own space on the Net where they can exert control over what they see and where they go."

Having a visual and interactive favorites folder that available 24/7 from any computer in the world is obviously useful in itself, but LinkDoozer has also considered other ways in which people might make use of such a facility. There are a number of features of the site that give it a well-rounded feel, ranging from but not limited to:

Rating and review features
Social networking (e.g site recommendations, note sharing and link and tag clouds)
Special AJAX based browsing windows
One-click bookmarking
One-click favorites and bookmarks import and synchronization
One-click RSS feed generation
3rd Party Widgets such as multi-account email and Google AJAX searching
Drag and Drop interface for organizing favorites
Customizeable favorties list views
Dynamically generated link recommendations based on similarly tagged sites

LinkDoozer has already had a favorable reviews from noted Web 2.0 websites such as KillerStartups but it is important to realize that the site is still in Beta.

Says David Mercer of LinkDoozer:
"Because we are still in Beta, the community itself will play a large part in directing the way in which the site develops with time. We have specifically designed the site for the average Internet user who simply wants a clean and free environment that serves as a basis for their excursions onto the World Wide Web. As well as this, we have also included features that will make LinkDoozer invaluable to small and medium sized Websites in terms of providing an organic, passive and persistent way to promote their links and blogs. It is our feeling that LinkDoozer will evolve from these two primary foci and become more involved in social interactions, providing a more solid platform for Web based interaction. However, for the time being, people who make use of sites such as MySpace or FaceBook can access their accounts straight from their LinkDoozer homepage at the click of a button anyway."

Social interaction is not the only area in which LinkDoozer forsees growth! For example, the unique way in which links can be viewed in LinkDoozer provides some tantalizing prospects for DIY comparison shopping because any number of different links can be viewed from within their own moveable AJAX browser window all on one page -- so sites can be compared directly by LinkDoozer's community with no more than a click of a button.

Behind it all, LinkDoozer's main aim is to provide a safe haven from which average people can use the Internet. As part of that it provides a completely fair and democratic way for people to explore new sites by providing access to the links that other community members consider to be their favorites. Big budget sites have no special advantage over any other link in the LinkDoozer world because SEO plays no part in how prominent a site is in LinkDoozer. The more people that add a site to their favorites list the better the chances of other people finding that site will be -- simple.


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