Test Prep Company Teaches Students to Beat ACT & SAT Tests: Get Smarter Prep Increases Student Test Scores as National Average Decreases

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Get Smarter Prep, a test preparation company, teaches junior and senior high school students how to beat the ACT and SAT college entrance exams.

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Back to school for Get Smarter Prep, an Overland Park-based test preparation company, means teaching junior and senior high school students how to beat the ACT and SAT college entrance exams. The standardized tests have become a way to keep some students out of the college of their choice.

According to Stephen Heiner, president of Get Smarter Prep, the ACTs and SATs are the official gatekeepers of college admission decisions. "A good score is not going to get you into a school, but it could keep you out -- meaning a great test day is not going to absolve a mediocre GPA. If you have high grades and you want to go to an elite school, a one-to-two point advantage on the ACT (or 50 to 100 points on the SAT) could make or break a college's decision to admit one student over another," said Heiner. (Free Download: How to get into the college of your choice while saving money: http://www.getsmarterprep.com/pressrelease/).

Heiner added that there are a lot of misconceptions about the ACT and SAT tests. "These tests have little to do with grades and everything to do with how well students can take a test. The challenge is getting kids and parents to understand this," said Heiner. "Kids have been testing since they were six years-old and think they know how to take an exam. But the SAT and ACT test are nothing like high school tests. These exams are designed to trick kids and that's where we come in," said Heiner.

Get Smarter Prep focuses on two areas: testing strategy and content review. "The first tactic is to train students to take an exam that is designed to defeat them. The second tactic is content review. Kids who are taking advanced classes are at a disadvantage. For example, a student in calculus often times forget what he or she learned in algebra," explained Heiner.

ACT and SAT test scores have dropped nationally (LA Times -- August 28, 2007). However, Get Smarter Prep has aided students by improving their testing and getting into the college of their choosing. On average, students who completed the program through Get Smarter Prep raised their scores by three points on the ACT and 200 points on the SAT. That record may be attributed to Get Smarter Prep's:

•tSmall Class Sizes: Personalized test prep with never more than eight students in a class.

•tTeachers: Curriculums and courses designed by teachers with thousands of hours in the classroom.

•tAccessibility: Unlimited office hours on Fridays outside of scheduled class times.

The best time for juniors to start prepping is now. Juniors should pick a time during their school year where their schedule will not be heavily impacted by sports or activities. If no such time exists, they should take it before the end of their junior year. College applications for seniors are due in December, January or February; Seniors still have three opportunities to take one more test to put a better score on their application. Heiner also advises kids to take the ACT or SAT when they have time to properly prepare for it. For example, if a student it greatly involved in fall sports, then the student should plan to take the test in the spring. The earlier a student takes the test the more opportunities there are to retake for a higher score. Another important tip for parents is to encourage their children to apply to a wide variety of colleges along with a few safety schools. However, it is a waste of money to apply for schools that the student has no intention of attending as application fees accumulate quickly. Listen to Stephen Heiner's Message to Moms: http://www.GetSmarterPrep.com/GetSmarterSoundbite.mp3

Get Smarter Prep, an independently, locally-owned, founded, and operated test preparation company in Overland Park, offers curriculums and courses designed by teachers to help students prepare for standardized tests including the SAT, ACT, GMAT and GRE. Get Smarter Prep's small class sizes and unlimited personal office hours allow for an optimal learning environment. The company also offers independent college counseling and free in-school seminars about test prep and college counseling. For more information, visit the website at http://www.getsmarterprep.com.


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