Divorce & Business The Hidden Impact on Employers; Custody Calculations Panel Speaker at The Women & Business Expo

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There are few that understand the full impact of family law on employers, employees and business. Issues such as production errors, inability to focus, missed deadlines, unscheduled vacation days, sick time and workman''s compensation issues when an employee divorces. All issues which can impact an employers profit and loss statement. Employers also face issues such as hostile work environment, claims of retaliation, sexual harrassment as well as civil and criminal liabilities due to the actions of their employees when they divorce. But now a new service can help employers with those issues. Similiar to vision and dental packages for employees, employers will now be able to provide a divorce benefit.

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Custody Calculations, CEO, Catherine MacWillie was a featured speaker on a panel discussing the impact of family law on employers. The conference, Women & Business Expo, was held in Riverside, California, on September 14, 2007.

The profit and loss statement of business can be directly impacted by employees during the divorce process. The inability to focus, miss deadlines, and production errors are all issues that occur during the stress of a divorce and have a direct impact on employers and their businesses.

Most employers are also unaware of how divorce can result in claims of sexual harassment, hostile work environment, retaliation, claims of inability to promote, or the need to recall employees from overseas and domestic assignments, and reassign to other management positions. This is especially true if both spouses are employed at the same company. Included in this list of issues is the necessity in some cases to deal with criminal and civil liability as well as workman's compensation issues due to the actions of employees during the divorce process.

Examples provided included, an employee who was emotional after appearing in court to deal with child support, alimony, property settlement, other complications of their divorce. While driving the company vehicle, distracted, they become involved in a traffic accident. Depending on the seriousness of that traffic accident employers can find themselves dealing with civil and criminal liability due to the actions of their employee.

In another scenario an employee under the stress of the divorce believes that they are having a heart attack. They go to the hospital where they may or may not be having a heart attack or they may be having an anxiety attack. The doctor puts them on a restricted work schedule, or puts them off work entirely. Either way these actions impact an employer.

At minimum an employer must deal with an increase in an employee's sick time, workman's compensation issues, unscheduled vacation time, all related to family law impacting employers and impacting their bottom line.

Other worst case scenarios included violence in the workplace, shootings, stabbings, domestic violence, stalking, harassment, intimidation all actions by a former spouse or terminated relationship involving children occurring at a business, either during or after the divorce process.

But there is help. Employers will now be able to able to offer a divorce benefit to their employees. No different from other employee benefits such as vision, dental, and life insurance. Benefits that will help employees deal with divorce, reducing the impact on their employers and their business. A win/win scenario.

The divorce benefit is tailored unlike other insurance polices and can be completely tailored to the needs of each business, number of employees and financial strength. And unlike other policies this policy does not expire yearly, but is based on usage of the employees.

Custody Calculations has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars and over a decade of research, and partnerships across all boundaries, all with one goal, to provide a solution to the trauma of family law with immediate implementation and relief for children and families and employers. Not over a period of years but now. This software can help stop the devastation of divorce!

Custody Calculations is also the official sponsor of The Power Of The Ten Dollar Bill Campaign, a national campaign to raise funds to reform the family law court system. Without the use of a expensive lobbyists, politicians, or on a state by state ratification of the family law rules of administration. To learn more the The Power Of The Ten Dollar Bill Campaign go to http://www.tendollarbillcampaign.com. Teens Against Bad Divorces, is a web site still under development and is dedicated just to teens. With a video contest, this is the first opportunity providing teens with an outlet to tell parents, judicial officers and those in government what it feels like to be in the middle of the divorce process, http://www.teensagainstbaddivorces.com.

Additional: To contact the company for speaking engagements in the Southern California area with 100 persons or more contact the company at 702-375-9389. Speaking engagements outside California are available with paid travel arrangements, food and lodging.

To learn more about the company go to their promotion web site, http://www.custodycalcualtions.com. For media inquires contact them at media @ custodycalculations.com. The company is in beta testing and projected launch date is only weeks away. Early registration and deposits are being taken now.


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