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Taudiobook.com today announces that it has released a revolutionary new book format called taudiobook, which features word-by-word synchronization of text and audio. It makes a book more interactive. It helps to learn a language, to expand vocabulary and to train pronunciation or accent. Initially, 70 classic titles in English are available for sale.

AudioInk LLC announces today the launch of its first product line - TAUDIOBOOK, a revolutionary new book format and the availability of about 70 taudiobooks (http://www.taudiobook.com). Taudiobook, which stands for text and audiobook, features word-by-word synchronization of text and audio for the entire book. Taudiobooks are made with breakthrough technologies developed by AudioInk LLC, which uses an innovative speech recognition approach to achieve fast and accurate synchronization of text and audio.

"With the release of taudiobooks, the books are becoming 'live' again. One can have so much more interactions with a book than ever before. For example, you can select a word, or sentence and that word or sentence is read to you in natural voice right away", in a statement by AudioInk's founder Dr. Hong Guo, "You can search the entire book in a second and start listening immediately. Also, with its built-in dictionary, looking up a word is as easy as one click while the audio is still playing".

Taudiobooks can be read using Taudiobook Reader software, which is available from the company website for free. There are also free chapters for download as well as online flash demos.

"Taudiobook Reader is designed for both the 'lazy' and the 'diligent'. If you are 'lazy', you can simply sit back and relax, listening to the audio, and watching words or sentences highlighted one by one. You don't even need to worry about turning the pages or going to the next chapter, it is automatically done for you. Some readers may find that by selecting a bigger font could enhance their reading experience", Dr. Guo continued.

"For the 'diligent' ones, you can use the search function to search the entire book or book collection for a word, and immediate listen to the word read out in different context, sometimes by different narrators. The built-in dictionary is so intelligent, it picks the cloest matching definition for you. You can drill down the dictionary simply by selecting the unknown word in the definition line. With a little bit of motivation, one could expand his vocabulary dramatically. Taudiobook Reader is the ultimate reading/listening software and a great learning tool, it has everything in one package".

The audios for most of the 70 taudiobooks are from the public domain, such as librivox.org, a site hosting audiobooks read by volunteers. It includes famous titles such as Aesop's Fables, The Adventure of Tom Sawyer and so on. Also released is the world's first taudiobook Bible (King James Version), which is over 86 hours long. The company plans to convert more commercially available audiobooks to taudiobook format in the future.

Initially, the company will market its books to young children, ESL students, bible study groups and children with reading disabilities.

For more information about taudiobook, please visit: http://www.taudiobook.com.

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