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Valuable debt-reduction and income-creation tools and resources are now made available free of charge. is leading the way by providing hard working consumers with free tools they can use to effectively get out of debt and increase their yearly income. was created by money saving expert, Richard Gorham.

In a recent interview Gorham made reference to the growing numbers of people who are finding themselves neck deep in credit card debt and personal loans, not to mention the growing amount of student loan debt. The combined monthly debt payment on the average consumer is becoming a tremendous obstacle to their prospects for meeting future savings and retirement goals.

"We have become a 'gotta have it now' society that rationalizes our poor spending habits by making the claim - I'll pay for it over time," said website founder Richard Gorham. "The fact is that people are buying more 'stuff' than ever before, and enjoying what they buy less. They cannot enjoy it fully, because they know deep down in their heart, they should have never bought it in the first place; they didn't earn it, but society keeps telling them falsely that in order to be happy they must have it all now. This is a highly destructive and misleading claim that consumers are being bombarded with from marketing and advertisements almost hourly."

In order to effectively help consumers tackle their outstanding debt, as well as identify new ways for people to create additional sources of revenue, Gorham has created an entire library of free tools and resources that anyone can quickly access at

Readers can easily download free debt-related tools on subjects that include: Bankruptcy, Credit, Credit Cards, Credit Reports, Credit Scores, Debt Management and ID Thefts and Scams. In addition, Gorham provides some highly useful income generating tools that include subjects such as: Career Advancement, Increasing Income, Saving Money, Retirement Planning and Paying For College.

Gorham sees his new online resource as a tool to empower anyone who is sick and tired of being sick and tired of living a life that is filled with the fear and worries of making next month's rent or mortgage payment. He believes that anyone who is serious about making a change, and who is willing to work hard and follow a proven plan, can and will experience a brighter financial future.

In reviewing other areas of the website, one can quickly see how committed Gorham is to their financial well-being. Readers are immediately invited to download a free copy of the classic book, ''Prosperity: How To Attract It!'' written by Dr. Orison Swett Marden in 1922. In reviewing the wonderful little book, it's amazing how timeless the financial lessons of our past leaders are, and how those lessons continue to ring so true in today's modern society.

Probably the most exciting part of the website is where Gorham introduces the reader to over 40 case studies of real people who are currently doing remarkable things online to create new streams of revenue for their household. It's interesting to see how diverse their businesses are and how they are so passionate about their newfound financial freedom. In reviewing their stories, it appears these are truly ordinary people who are realizing extraordinary results. Their testimonials are inspiring, leading anyone to believe that he or she can also improve their financial reality.

Gorham makes the final point that it's simply not enough to just follow a budget and pay off your debt. He believes that in order to fully realize one's dreams and ambitions, you must also be seeking out that 'one thing' that excites you most - and find a way to make money at doing it.

Gorham's clear not to send the message that anyone should go out and quit their day-job right away. After all, it takes time to build any business, whether it's online or offline. However, Gorham is an advocate of spending time doing that which you love. His reason is simple, "If you love it, you won't quit. You'll be more likely to stick to it until you succeed, because your passion for something is the one thing that will keep you motivated the most when faced with the inevitable obstacles."

If you can relate to the feeling of financial fear, worry and stress, or if you're just looking for a way to increase your financial earnings, we encourage you to check out - this may just be the opportunity you've been looking for.

These debt reduction tips, and many others, can be found at , which is a new website that was created by money savings expert, Richard Gorham. Gorham is also the founder and President of and His websites are devoted to providing free and low-cost quality tools and resources for successful living.


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