Obedient Waves Launches, ROCK & ROLL 4 PRESiDENT, a New YouTube Channel

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California Sound Control launches Obedient Waves' ROCK & ROLL 4 PRESiDENT campaign to get consumers to use their considerable power on the web to promote indie music.

they are, like wolves in sheep's clothing, infiltrating our system & using it to line their already well-lined pockets by marketing fancily produced artists as indie under-dogs along side the roughest, home-grown acts.

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Obedient Waves makes comparisons between the state of the music industry and the upcoming presidential election, calling attention to all they have in common, citing, in both cases, how the public has become disenchanted with the powers that be, "Myspace and Youtube are where they're going to find those alternatives, musically, and they're finding them in acts like The Wildbirds, Kate Walsh, Terra Naomi and new bands like us, Obedient Waves."

"Ironically, as our rights have been corroding in the real world, our freedom seems to be expanding online," Billy Gruber, O.W. front man, goes on to say, "which has, especially within the music industry, taken the power away from big business and put it back into the hands of the people."

MySpace/YouTube users have consequently created their very own version of the wild wild west, a virtual and often preferable reality that they can customize to taste, and the majors have felt the repercussions of that, having been forced to systematically fold into one another like corporate nesting dolls.

''But, even as you read this,'' warns Gruber, "they are, like wolves in sheep's clothing, infiltrating our system & using it to line their already well-lined pockets by marketing fancily produced artists as indie under-dogs along side the roughest, home-grown acts."

For example: Lily Allen is a lovely and clever song-writer, but her success is not, as is widely assumed, the result of One-Girl-&-Her-Myspace-Page-Against-The-World style effort but rather the massive Intern Myspacing-Radio & Late Show Performing-World Touring campaign designed by her deeply funded, well-connected record label, EMI. Which seems harmless enough, considering her talent & that undeniable star quality, until you also consider that this is how "they" feed us Paris Hilton and Ashlee Simpson.

What's even more worrying is the quiet 2005 sale of MySpace to the decidedly un-rock & roll, conservative money-mogul, Rupert Murdoch. Is he spying on us? Censoring us? Using us to better sell us more corporate crap? The timing seems especially poignant in light of the New Times acquisition of the Village Voice/LA Weekly and the fact that punk establishment, CBGBs, Echo Park's Sea Level Records & cult-fave Arthur magazine all recently closed their doors.

You don't have to take it, just blindly eat whatever you're fed. You vote with your dollars and your time, there's strength in numbers and, as you've proven more than once, if enough of you frequent the MySpace/YouTube pages of acts like the Arctic Monkeys, Snow Patrol, Amy Winehouse, even someone like MySpace-maven, Tila Tequila (please don't), you can elevate them above the fray & into the stratosphere.

Obedient Waves, Los Angeles-based rockers inspired by the upcoming election, have decided to join that race with a weekly live video show, ROCK & ROLL 4 PRESiDENT, pledging their allegiance not to the Democrats and definitely not to Republicans, but to the great Party party of sex, drugs & rock & roll. And if you, in effect, vote for them by buying their record or watching their videos, they promise, in kind, to faithfully serve by ...

1. religiously posting a new live video every Sunday evening, warts and all.

2. rocking it for the people, by the people, taking requests & jamming out a new original every couple of weeks within a steady stream of classic covers by bands like Nirvana, Hole, Cake, & Blood On The Wall.

3. keeping it 100% real, which means lip-sync, auto-tune & ghost-writer free.

Tune in every Sunday night for a fresh webisode of ROCK & ROLL 4 PRESiDENT. It's free. It's easy. And it's a hell of a lot cooler than another bull@#$% debate.

About Obedient Waves:

Obedient Waves' "ROCK & ROLL 4 PRESiDENT" is the second release by home-based recording studio & label, California Sound Control. The micro-brands' first effort was the singer-songwriter showcase, ''L.A. WOMAN : SONG BOOK ONE'', and a third disc, SiLVER TOOTH, a rock compilation, is scheduled for release Christmas '07.


Billy Gruber, manager
California Sound Control


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