No One is Presenting Radio or Television Programs Proving Seniors are Sexy-Vital-Sharp-Talented-Glamorous-Fashionable-Flavorable --- Sexy Means Appealing...Senior Means Paramount

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The author's book "Sexy Food For Seniors" is not just for those over 50, it is for those who want a little spice in their lives.

Age means nothing to Lorraine Seymourian. "I may not look it, but I feel like I'm 35 years old." Lorraine said. "Sexy Food for Seniors" was written with the 50 plus age in mind but people of any age will be delighted with this spirited, vivacious, entertaining book, it spurs you on to be sexy... spicy... salty... stylish and includes food for thought, celebrity quotes, and romantic recipes.

Seymourian is currently writing for the elegant magazine "Upscale Living". In an exclusive interview on her radio program and in the 2007 Summer issue of the magazine Seymourian wrote about 'Fergie', The Duchess of York. The Duchess commented, "I have never met Lorraine before, but you are fantastic. Delighted to be on your show -- call me any time to appear again on radio or television."

"Sexy Seniors with Lorraine" is the name of her radio show carried on National Radio Network with 106 affiliate stations in 39 States. Celebrity interviews and terrific tips on being sexy is now on 5 times a day 5 a.m.-2 p.m. Monday through Sunday on AM & FM stations. She also has a radio program called "Lorraine Entertains" on WBIX a 40,000kw station in the New England States also owned by National Radio Network with Langer Broadcasting and 2 Internet stations.

Seymourian has a most bubbling personality, an infectious giggle. One of the celebrities she interviewed, Judge Hatchett said "The best interview I ever had." As of this date she has interviewed 90 celebrities. Several years ago she had to make an impression on a radio station owner so she decided to call Regis Philbin. "I called up and I asked." Seymourian said. "It was simple as that." Regis did not know who she was but he had such a great time laughing and he thoroughly enjoyed himself. After the interview he said "I can't keep up with you Lorraine." The radio station put her program on the air and she has been interviewing ever since.

In the very near future the newest adventure of this youthful 73 year young woman is a program being broadcast by the ION Media Network in 49 states. On "ION Life" she will have 2 minute spot interviewing celebrities Sundays 6-7 p.m. Seymourian handles everything for her shows, from signing advertisers, celebrity guests, live locations and audiences. It is not uncommon for her to work 12-15 hours a day.

Seymourian for several years had her program on ION Media Network in the New England States. On a Sexy Senior hour special she acquired 13 glamorous advertisers and the audience clapped after every commercial. It was the largest "live" audience Lorraine ever had. All ages... danced the conga together. 20 year olds over and under came to Seymourian after the airing and stated they loved the show.

Seymourian's programs are not like any other talk show. She finds out what sparks her guests and she bases the program around their interests. Her shows are not ordinary sit-down interviews; they are full of fun, laughs and action. Anyone who has appeared on one of her shows has enjoyed her upbeat positive attitude. After meeting or having a conversation with Seymourian you can not help but admire and love her infectious personality, being interviewed by this dynamic personality is truly a most uplifting experience.

Where she finds the time and energy to do what she does is a mystery, perhaps making everyone giggle. Giggles got "it".

For further information please contact Seymourian at or 781-239-8153.


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