New Broadway Show in NYC Aimed At Saving the World from War

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Off-Broadway is an unlikely place to find a group fighting for world peace and helping to slow global warming. "Say Something! A Rock Opera" is doing just that. Through an innovative, pioneering musical presentation, this unique group of performing artists has produced a musical that both entertains and educates. It is a night you will not soon forget and a message that will inspire you to step up and "Say Something!" for world peace and saving the environment.

Last of the Red Hot Lovers

Oil flows over the dead bodies of our American soldiers deployed into another useless war zone all to benefit oil tycoons who sit in the shadows manipulating lives for profit.

It's long past time to stand up - speak and support those who are declaring it to all who will listen through a medium we can all understand – music.

"Say Something! A Rock Opera" is new Broadway show that does just that. Talented, inspiring and moving, this group of actors have taken up the call for world peace through alternatives to fossil fuels, and ask for people to join the fight to save the world from global warming.

"Say Something! A Rock Opera" runs every Friday and Saturday evening at 8:00PM in the Rock Theatre at the Roy Arias Studios and Theatres in the Times Square Arts Center building, 300 West 43rd Street at 8th Avenue, on the 5th floor, this show delivers more than just an entertaining show. They are also running a show-stopping special for people who want to bring guests. If you bring three people, you get in for free.

A stellar cast embraces and empowers this performance including Rachel Filsoof, Michael Carrasco and Skye Mangrum with Big Mig on guitar. While the message is heavy, the musical is not. As Jason Mangrum, Marketing Director and Skye Mangrum's husband says, "… [this is a] hilarious yet mind blowing experience that will leave you in stitches, without the need for war, oil or conflict."

Each of the talented performers brings expertise, talent and passion to their performances calling on previous experience to lend a hand to helping save our world:

Rachel Filsoof as Rene
Rachel is 12-years-old and has been dancing and singing for the past eight years. She has been in eight off/on Broadway shows including two of Disney's Theatrical performances, High School Musical and Beauty and the Beast. Rachel has also sung America the Beautiful in front of 65,000 people for the US Open Championship as a soloist at Center Court!

Michael Carrasco, as Joe
Michael Carrasco is pleased to be a part of such a talented company. He has been seen locally with NYC's Downtown Chamber Opera as well as the pre-Broadway tour of Grease! He's done the Lost Colony (choir/soloist), Carousel (Billy Bigelow), Side Show (Jake), Forbidden Planet (Capt. Tempest), Grease! (Kenickie), as well as a workshop of Terrance Mann's R & J: A Rock Opera (Mercutio). Michael is a graduate of the Florida School of the Arts.

Skye Mangrum, as Jules
Skye Mangrum is a triple-threat actor, singer and dancer who's been passionately involved in theatre and the arts since she was only four years of age. She played the role of Julie Jordan in "Carousel", Columbia in "The Rocky Horror Show", Elaine in "Arsenic and Old Lace", the fortune teller from "Side Show", Bobbie Michelle in "Last of the Red Hot Lovers", the rockin' roller-skating robot in "Forbidden Planet" and too many more to list here.

For more information and show times go to:

We say we are afraid of terrorists; we should be terrified of our own inaction in the face of staggering truths. Complacency has allowed corporations to dictate our destiny, our doom. It is time for a paradigm shift, a ground swell through all mediums available.

It is time to see, feel and “Say Something!” through supporting every avenue that is protesting and raising awareness of our plight. We can no longer afford to be blind followers. One group is attempting to push our buttons, and get our attention through the performing arts. Don’t ignore the call. The time for inaction is over.

“Say Something! A Rock Opera” takes music and lyric to the next level, crafting a performance that delivers a powerful, moving message. Both enlightening and entertaining, “Say Something! A Rock Opera” takes the audience away from off-Broadway New York and not only entertains but informs the public of realistic, practical ways to end the war over oil and shows how we will save our world in the process.

By switching to clean, renewable natural resources like windmills and hydroelectricity, we can maintain our lifestyles without shortening our lives. The reality in the new millennium is that if we don’t stop these escalating wars over oil, we will probably all die. The truth of the new millennium is that if we don’t stop global warming, we will most certainly perish. We have been given a 10-year window to switch to alternative energy sources. If now isn’t the time to participate and “Say Something!” when is the time?

Get informed. Spend an evening and learn about the renewable energy sources - windmills, hydro, solar, corn and even hemp, in which a methane-based fuel can be made. Be entertained and educated. It’s a Rock Opera! Fun, pumping good music, education, direct to a worthy cause. – then step out, step up and “Say Something!”

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