Advertisers: Learn How to Buy Media at 20-Cents on the Dollar

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John Wanamaker, 19th century department store entrepreneur, once lamented to his banker (a Rockefeller), the now famous words, "I know that half of my advertising is wasted, I just don't know which half." Today, given the rapidly changing marketplace, growth of more sophisticated marketing techniques, and the explosion of technology and new media, many top media professionals believe that today much more than 50 percent of ad dollars are wasted-- a result of inadequate knowledge, analysis of alternatives, and poor decision making which costs advertisers billions of dollars. "David vs. Goliath" will show you how to eliminate spending waste and buy media at 20-cents on the dollar!

Can you really buy advertising time or space in media at 20-cents on the dollar? Yes you can, according to Ronald Geskey's new book, "David vs. Goliath, Guerrilla Media Buying for Small Business, A New Way to Win."

Geskey's book says that advertisers can eliminate or reduce wasted dollars by following the step by step plan laid out in the book. "David vs. Goliath not only provides hundreds of specific ideas to reduce wasted dollars, but as importantly, the book provides a strategy for sales and marketing success," says Geskey. For example, readers learn:

  • How to increase their customer base, market share, and profit margins without increasing marketing spending
  • How to increase Share of Market by increasing Share of Voice --without spending one dime more
  • How to automatically increase media buying power by nearly 20%
  • How to buy newspaper ads at 20 cents on the dollar
  • How to buy TV and radio schedules at 50-75% off rate card prices, sometimes 80% off card
  • How to develop a negotiation strategy which will get you significantly more advertising per dollar spent
  • How and why you must always have a pre-planned "Plan B" in negotiations with media sellers
  • How to use the Road Less Traveled (non traditional "Guerrilla" media buying channels) to buy media for pennies on the dollar
  • How and when to use hundreds of Guerrilla strategies and tactics to increase visibility and effectiveness ... and more

Finally, and most important, the author emphasizes that readers will learn for themselves how to analyze media alternatives and negotiate media buys which will maximize ROI and avoid profit draining blunders like these:

(1) A prominent auto dealer advertising group in a large market recently spent $550,000 on a media sponsorship valued at $150,000-- effectively wasting $400,000 (70%) of the dealers' budget. The wasted $400,000 should have either gone to the bottom line as profit or reinvested in additional marketing to generate several million dollars in additional sales and profit.

(2) Armed with the same budgets, one media buyer negotiated 150,000 media exposures, while another media buyer (who had a pre-planned negotiation strategy) negotiated 250,000 exposures. Why the difference?

(3) Timing can be everything. By waiting ONE week too long to buy its TV schedule in a major market, this large advertiser paid 150% more for the same commercial inventory.

With over 30 years of senior management experience in marketing and media planning and buying "at some of the best advertising agencies in the country (Leo Burnett, D'Arcy, Campbell Ewald, General Motors R*Works), Geskey provides a unique, inside perspective on the effective buying and selling of media. Geskey hyas a masters degree and executive education from Wharton, Northwestern, and MSU. He is also CEO of 2020:Marketing Communications LLC which publishes the Thumbnail Media Planner and is the author of numerous works sold at

"David vs. Goliath" (278 pages/paperback) is available at and other online book stores.

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