Happy About Announces the Release of "Costi and the Raindrop Adventure" by Johnny Khamis

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Johnny Khamis, a father of two and author of "Costi and the Raindrop Adventure" has captured the wonders of nature in a fun, adventurous and insightful story that teaches readers about the importance of rain and to understand and respect nature.

"Costi and the Raindrop Adventure" is written and illustrated to appeal to four-to-eight year old readers and parents who want to begin educating their children about science and nature. For children, the book is filled with colorful scenes and action-packed adventure and is full of animals and adventure which capture their imagination. For parents, behind the beautiful story and pictures, is a lesson in science which will enthrall young readers and entice parents to put this book in their library. The book is designed to teach children to understand and respect nature. It contains 34 color illustrations.

The reader will be entertained by the unique perspective of Costi, and imaginative six-year old boy, who is upset because it's raining, and is magically taken on a journey with Raindrop to learn the importance of rain. Along the way he learns about how people and animals need the rain to live. Readers will enjoy the art and the rhythm of the story.

The book is available from Amazon and Happy About.

About the Author                                                                                                                            
Johnny Khamis is a 39-year-old father of a 6-year old boy who's imagination and inquisitive nature inspired him to write about the conversations he had with his son. Constantine is always asking about how things work, and why things happen. He sits for hours inventing new toys (he calls contraptions) out of his Lego's and tinker toys. We often go on nature walks and he is fascinated with why plants grow, why rain falls, and what happens to the water.        

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