Obesity Epidemic Solution: National Conference Series Launches October 18, 2007 Learn Proven Method to Treat Food Cravings with Skills to Access Joy

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Beginning on October 18, 2007, nine conferences on the revolutionary method, The Solution, will be held at universities across the country for health professionals who are seeking an alternative to gastric surgery and calorie counting for their obese clients. The method is based on cutting edge neuroscience that points to decreasing stress - and the increasing happiness -- as the key to effective weight loss. The Solution was developed at the University of California, San Francisco, and research has shown it to be the only non-surgical program to produce continued weight loss after the treatment ends. The method teaches skills that pop the brain from stress to joy and create the chemical shift that decreases food cravings. Learning and teaching these skills will be the focus of a nationwide series of conferences to launch in San Diego at UCD and Los Angeles at UCLA in October.

Many primary care doctors who treat complications after weight loss surgery -- such as dumping syndrome, repeated surgeries, depression, eating disorders and weight regain -- want other alternatives to offer their patients

With weight loss surgeries increasing tenfold in the last decade, planned second and third surgeries to avoid weight regain and more than 60 documented complications of the surgery, there is a growing backlash against weight loss surgery among some health professional groups.

"Many primary care doctors who treat complications after weight loss surgery -- such as dumping syndrome, repeated surgeries, depression, eating disorders and weight regain -- want other alternatives to offer their patients," according to Laurel Mellin, obesity expert and associate clinical professor of family and community medicine at the University of California, San Francisco.

On October 18th, at the University of San Diego, Mellin and colleagues from The Institute for Health Solutions will launch a nationwide series of conferences for health professionals on The Solution Method, an alternative to weight loss surgery based on acquiring tools ---- skills that mirror good self-parenting ---- that trigger positive emotions to suppress appetite and prompt weight loss. Conference participants will not only learn how to train their patients in these skills, but they will learn the skills themselves.

According to Mellin, "Other than genetics, the root cause of weight gain is the chronic stress that drains us of positive emotions. In treating childhood obesity, we discovered simple skills that enabled children to experience a shift from stress to happiness not by chance but by choice. Instead of reaching for cookies, they learned to ask themselves questions, such as "Are my expectations reasonable?" or "How do I feel?" Their cravings and appetites decreased and they lost weight. Since then, research conducted at UCSF and at the University of Illinois at Chicago has shown that the these tools can be effective for adult weight loss. Using them triggers intense feelings of pleasure and the drive for eating comfort food decreases."

Treating obesity through happiness training has been met with remarkable enthusiasm. According to obesity expert John Foreyt of Baylor College of Medicine "The Solution is the first method to show continued weight loss after the program ends." The national obesity watchdog group, Shape-Up America! reported that the method "provides new hope to overweight Americans" and Health magazine named the program "One of the 10 Top Medical Advances of the Year."

Continues Mellin, "During childhood, most of us didn't get the tools to deal with the impossible levels of stress we all face in adulthood these days. From the instant we awake, the pressure is on, so it's no wonder that our appetites for sugary, fatty comfort food ramp up. Today we consume 12 percent more calories than we did 20 years ago."

Margaret Suddeth, a program graduate who lost 60 pounds on the method and has kept it off for three years reports: "I exercise more now, but the biggest change in me is internal. I have the skills to pop my brain out of stress and into this zone of happiness that makes me forget about food."

The method is based on cutting-edge neuroscience as the skills replicate the process the brain requires to access high intensity pleasure naturally. According to Mellin, "Successful obesity treatment often takes accessing comprehensive health care, but many clinicians and their patients are seeking treatments that help them avoid the complications of surgery and dependency on prescription drugs. This method offers them an alternative that is science-based ---- and the only side effects of using it are more happiness and better health."

For more information about the conferences or about for local groups based on The Solution Method, visit http://www.thesolutionmethod.org or telephone 415.457.0905/ 415.457.3331. For information on the pediatric obesity treatment, The SHAPEDOWN Program,visit http://www.childobesity.com.

Upcoming conferences:
October 18-19, 2007 University of San Diego
October 22-23, 2007 University of California, Los Angeles
January 14-15, 2008 University of Florida
March 13-14, 2007 University of Illinois, Chicago
March 17-18, 2008 New York University
March 24-25, 2008 University of California, Davis
March 27-28, 2008 University of Virginia, Charlottesville
April 7-8, 2008 University of Oregon Health Sciences University
April 21-22, 2008, Loma Linda University


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