Independent Home Based Entrpreneur Introduces a Home Business Website

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Tom Gray, a retired Navy Chief Petty Officer living in California, operates his own independent home business, and is now affiliated with a recognized leader the field of Internet marketing and training.

Tom Gray, has launched twin websites this month designed to bring others into the home based Internet marketing business and gain financial independence. He hopes by visiting his websites, others will be encouraged to build their own "self creating wealth system".

Talking to Tom, it is not hard to imagine him on the rolling deck of a destroyer. His vocabulary is interspersed with nautical terms and his weathered complexion personifies that certain crustiness one expects from one who has spent most of his life at sea. "Ive jumped through all the hoops I was brought up to do", he says. "I took the strain early on in life, made a career, bought a house, raised the kids and sent them through school, and retired. Now its time to fill in the corners". Gray is now retired, running his own home business and is taking his wife "to see the places she missed being at home while I was at sea."

Tom says that creating wealth and building your own business takes work, perseverance, and more than a little courage, but says it isn't a question of how hard you work, but how smart you work and the attitudes and thought processes you bring to it. "Ive always been a hands on guy, and detail oriented; so when I decided to get into this, I spent a lot of time looking at different ways and systems."

"Ive looked at a lot of, get rich the easy way schemes, and frankly, most of them are dross. Many of them say they are "marketing", and technically I suppose they are, but they give you very little to work with except a quick lesson in cut and pasting, and a pep talk. Well, thats like giving you an F-18 with instructions for the seat belt and saying, 'OK, go fly this puppy!'    Thats no way to learn how to fly, any more than cut and pasting ads for someone else is the way to learn Internet marketing, much less pick up even a few bucks. I guess thats why 98% of those who try, become discouraged and fail at starting their own home business".

Through email newsletters and other media, Tom researched the home business industry an settled on the Internet marketing group he is now proud to be associated with. "I found an organization that not only teaches you the principles of Internet marketing and provides technical support, but also mentors and helps you develop the skills, attitudes and behaviors that will actually bring wealth to you.

"All a person has to bring to this program is a commitment to themselves", Gray says. "With this program the client simply applies the marketing techniques and skills they are taught. There is no selling or phone calling, no over-hyped sales meetings with some over acting clown trying to be a football coach, and no pile of inventory in your garage".

"Some people just aren't cut out to be their own boss", Gray admits. Others are "too timid or somehow think its greedy or immoral. Thats bull!", Tom says, "there's nothing immoral about making yourself rich as long as you do so in an ethical way and with the right frame of mind". What is that? "I guarantee the answer will surprise you".

If your interested in starting your own home business, and looking for technical support, mentoring, free tips and strategies, and willing to devote a few hours a day on a low risk business: visit , or or call 1-800-719-8268 ext G3876.


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