Is It PMS Or Is She Just Crazy? PMS Red Flag Gives Men First Web Resource To Fight Back Against PMS

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New web site includes "PMS Early-Warning System" and a humor-based PMS quiz to help men identify the type of PMS-ing women in their lives.

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Let's face it, men are just plain clueless when it comes to PMS. Now, thanks to a new Web site, men can take a humorous quiz to find out what type of PMS-ing women they're dealing with (five distinct PMS types have been identified) and quickly set up a PMS early-warning system to determine whether to buy flowers…or get out of town fast when that time of the month comes. It's called PMS Red Flag and it's about to become man's second best friend.

When it comes to PMS, most men would prefer to avoid any inevitable--and potentially dangerous--encounters with the women in their lives who suffer from it. However, the reality makes avoiding PMS nearly impossible as the affliction affects nearly every person on Earth in one way or another. According to the National Institutes of Health, an estimated 75 percent of menstruating women experience some form of it during their lives. Even if a man is lucky enough to not have his significant other predisposed to PMS symptoms, chances are good that the same guy regularly interacts with someone who is, including sisters, relatives, friends and co-workers.

PMS Red Flag is the first Web site specifically designed to assist men in humorously identifying the different types of PMS that they encounter through a simple quiz. Is she a "Needy Nellie," "Overly Sensitive Ophelia," "Doomsday Debbie," "Schizophrenic Sue," or an "Angry Ann?" Full descriptions of the symptoms and characteristics associated with each are also provided on the site. Once a man knows what type of PMS he's dealing with, he can then easily set up an early-warning "Red Flag" PMS alert system that gives him an email heads up when that time of the month is about to arrive--the perfect travel and special event planning companion for any man!

"I was tired of getting blindsided each and every month by PMS, so the need to better understand and properly prepare for the monthly hormonal onslaught is something from which every man can benefit," says Brian Young, co-author of "The Prince and the PMS: The PMS Survival Manual." "Using the tools from PMS Red Flag is the first step in gaining control over how PMS affects our lives. Once we can flag when PMS is coming and how best to prepare for the different types of PMS monsters that can raise their ugly heads, we can then learn various techniques to ease the PMS pains experienced by the women in our lives."

PMS Red Flag also provides men with access to additional resources to make their lives better, including, romance advice, dating, weight loss and poker - yes, poker! How better to avoid PMS than with a night of poker with just the boys?

About PMS Red Flag
PMS Red Flag provides tools and advice to assist men address the often taboo subject of Premenstrual Syndrome. Men turn to for everything they wanted to know about PMS but were afraid to ask the women in their lives. Our site provides a PMS calendar management tool, providing email alerts as a reminder that her "time of the month" is near, enabling men to plan important events and activities around sensitive dates that might be adversely affected by PMS. PMS Red Flag is an affiliate of PMS Central, a PMS information portal for woman.

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