Austin Medical Research Announces a Revolutionary Device for Treating Chronic Pain and Sleeping Disorders

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The new Relief Technology System helps brings clarity and comfort back to users with Dyna-Pulses a Electromagnetic Pulse.

I put the emitter in my chair at work and get though the day with much higher productivity and without suffering from the side effects of medication.

Austin Medical Research, Inc., today announced Relief Technology, a revolutionary line of electromagnetic pulse therapy products designed to help people who suffer from chronic pain and sleep disorders. The Relief Technology system uses Electromagnetic Pulse Generators and Emitters to reduce swelling and improve circulation, which results in reduced pain and improved sleep. In addition, the Relief Technology system is the perfect solution for people who are looking to break the cycle of medicated treatments.

A recent study found that there are more than 50 million people in the United States suffering from chronic pain. Of those people, two thirds have been suffering from chronic pain for more than five years and experience pain symptoms on average six days a week. In addition, those suffering from chronic pain who seek medical treatment from prescription drugs and over the counter pain relievers are eighty-six percent more likely to suffer side effects from the drugs. As a result, eighty-nine of chronic pain suffers have looked to alternative pain treatments as a means to escape these side effects and find new ways to relieve their pain.

"I have been in back pain for the last 7 years and have tried working with doctors and other remedies, none of which brought me much relief. I tried the Relief Technology system and found that it significantly reduced back pain on a daily basis vastly improving my daily life," said Randy Printz, COO of CleareCube Technology and Dyna-Pulse user." I put the emitter in my chair at work and get though the day with much higher productivity and without suffering from the side effects of medication."

A study on sleep habits found that over half of those responding suffered from symptoms of insomnia a least a few nights a week. The study also found that those who suffer from lack of sleep felt they were eighty-five percent more likely to be irritable towards others and almost ninety-nine percent felt it would affect their ability to work. Many of these suffers are looking for non-addictive or medication-free ways to treat their sleep disorder.

The Relief Technology system leverages Dyna-Pulses, which are especially developed pulses of electromagnetic energy that deliver electromagnetic micro massages to the blood. Dyna-Pulses help improve the blood's ability to deliver its restorative powers to targeted areas. The result of the electromagnetic micro massages is increased interaction between blood and cells, which reduces inflammation at a cellular level.

"Chronic pain and lack of sleep distract us from our lives, lead to problems in our relationships and result in a less productive society," said Barry Thornton, president and CEO of Austin Medical Research. "Our goal with the Relief Technology System is to bring clarity back into the lives of our customers by reducing their pain and helping them sleep better."

The Relief Technology Systems delivers its electromagnetic micro message therapy via a combination of a pulse generators and emitters. These pulse generators and emitters include:

The Model 50 Pulse Generator provides standardized formulations for both pain and sleep therapy. This unit works with both the R and C series emitters.

The Model 100 Pulse Generator is the advanced consumer pulse generator. The Model 100 incorporates all the features of the Model 50 and includes the ability to personalize the pulses and manage the therapy session to cater to the user's specific needs. The Model 100 offers 20 unique Pulse Formulations, control of session timing, and a sweep function that changes the Formulations as the session progresses.

The 8R Emitter is an 8-inch flat coil emitter used to cover large area of the body includes the back, shoulder, and chest. This emitter uses a spread magnetic field to provide a smooth magnetic massage.

The 6C Cuff Emitter is a 6-inch cuff that wraps around joints or limbs. The C-Series Emitter technology immerses your limb joints, tissues, and blood flows in a smooth homogeneous magnetic field, the limb is actually inside the field for total and uniform therapeutic action.

About Austin Medical Research
Austin Medical Research, founded in 2006 and based in Austin, TX, has developed technologies and products in the technical area of Pulsed Electro Magnetic Therapy. Austin Medical Research is dedicated to researching and developing technologies that improve the quality of life and clarity of thinking while following the commitment to avoid the employment of drugs, injections, electric shocks or any other invasive techniques.

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