HomeWorks Plus Offers Tips on Turning Peter Pumpkin into Jack-o'-Lantern, Safely and Effectively

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As the Halloween witching hour approaches, it's time to start drawing up your favorite jack-o'-lantern decorations, reports HomeWorks Plus, a leading discount shopping program. And you'll want to act soon, before your neighbors claim all the best faces.

Acting soon should not be confused with acting hastily, of course. You'll probably be working with a sharp knife, so you want to be certain that the only cuts you make are measured incisions designed to turn your pumpkin into the happy, strange, terrifying, or mysterious jack-o'-lantern look of your choice. After all, Halloween is a lot more fun when the bandages you wear are part of a costume rather than a dressing prescribed by a doctor.

To help you keep your jack-o'-lantern looking and performing at its best this Halloween season, HomeWorks Plus offers the following suggestions:

-- Go big or stay home. Larger pumpkins are the easiest kind to carve. They also have more innards, of course, but if you're into healthy snacks, that just means you'll have more pumpkin seeds to toast.

-- Top it off with an inverted pyramid. When you make your initial cuts at the top of the pumpkin, try to cut into the pumpkin, around the stem, at a 45-degree inward angle. That way, when you replace the cut-out lid, it'll stay on top of the pumpkin rather than dropping straight into it.

-- Use a cheat sheet. There was only one Michelangelo, and he's been gone a long time now. If you want to carve an eye-catching pumpkin, try using tracing paper to copy a design from a book or a printout of an Internet page. Tape the paper to the face of the pumpkin, and retrace the face with lines deep enough to make impressions on the pumpkin. Once the lines are in place, all you have to do is follow them with your carving knife.

-- Give ol' Jack a facial. To preserve that "fresh as a devil" look, immerse your carved-up pumpkin in a solution of one teaspoon of bleach to one gallon of water. Let it dry completely, then apply either petroleum jelly or vegetable oil to all of the inside and outside surfaces, including the cut-out portions. Repeat as needed throughout the season.

-- Let the bottom fall out. Cutting off the bottom of your pumpkin can create greater stability (particularly for wobbly-bottomed pumpkins). With the ability to place the pumpkin over a stable setting, you'll also have greater control of the candle. For increased fire safety, consider using a small, battery-powered light instead of a candle.

-- Try some common scents. Why just decorate when you can invigorate? To turn your jack-o'-lantern into an air freshener, sprinkle the underside of the lid with spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and other aromatic favorites.

A successful Halloween includes cool costumes, tasty treats and, ideally, an absence of unanticipated tricks, but it all starts with a jazzy jack-o'-lantern. To get your season off to a rousing start, keep in mind these tips from HomeWorks Plus.

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