Another milestone as Nigerian Award-Winning Filmmaker/Author, Eve Ikuenobe-Otaigbe tackles True Historical Perspectives with Release of Epic Book

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The true historical re-enactement of the tug of war, toss and loss of power that culminated in the bloody Massacre and the dubious systematic take over of Bini Kingdom in 19th century by the British colonialist merchants. Eve Ikuenobe-Otaigbe, the author delivers her mastery of imagery as she gives the in depth insight into the emotional grief and hopelessness experienced by the people who are totally at the mercy of these skilled and without doubts, superior calculating mercenaries in guerrilla warfare who descend on the naive natives that had welcomed them into their homes.

The title "N'ogbaisi-The caged leopard" originates from the metaphorical depiction of the protagonist king, Oba Ovonramen, who was dethroned by the British and sent on exile in the 19th century for challenging the colonial authorities.

The book, written as a stage piece with songs, ostentatious costumes and artistic language, usage depicts the terrifying period of slavery, the division of the empire and the fall-out of this mayhem.

The stage play, exceedingly and incredibly laced with rich proverbs and reference to culture, centers on the Oba of Bini, Ovonramwen, who is revered and worshiped by his subjects. His openly expressed distrust of the British is perceived by the Colonialists as an obstacle. They fear such domineering control would undoubtedly constitute a great encumbrance to their ambition. Despite warnings, Ralph Moor, with permission from Queen Victoria, arrives Bini during a solemn traditional festival. The chiefs are enraged. This episode leads to a military expedition against Bini, with fierce fighting, bloody slaughter of the unarmed brave natives, raping, looting and subsequent capture of the city.

According to Keith Williams, reviewer of the book, "Literature handed down to us by colonialists often portrayed themselves as saviors of the 'colonized'."

In the same light, Dona Robert, another reviewer states "Historically, we hear of the great adversities and pain that slavery caused to the African children in their tortuous journey to foreign lands but not much has been told of the harrowing festering unhealing wounds left and felt by those who were left behind or how quite a brave few struggled to prevent it."

"This story is just one of many true and brave historical feats fought by Africans. The facts are in the ancient city of Benin, Nigeria to date. It is simply the story of a welcome turned sour, a betrayal of trust, disregard of culture and annihilation of an entire race who dared to stand and fight against an evil imposition and suppression," Eve Ikuenobe-Otaigbe said

N'ogbaisi- Caged leopard
Format: Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 122 ISBN: 0-595-45328-7
Published: Sep-2007

About The Author
Eve is an award-winning film director and her professional theatre, film and acting repertoire is huge. She has performed extensively in Africa, Europe and the United States of America. Eve is CEO of Afrimedia and is on the board of the American Arts Academy. She is a member of Women in Films and Television, Georgia and the Public Relations Society of America and has written several books. For more information, check out the website

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