Physician's Tenacity Finally Turns Profound Results. Dr. C.W. Randolph applauds Dr. Donald Stein for his perseverance, as a "David" Battling the Pharmaceutical "Goliaths".

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Dr. Stein and Dr. Randolph are both "Davids" Battling the Same Pharmaceutical "Goliaths Dr. Randolph continues fighting for public awareness of the safety and profound results of bio-identical hormone therapy.

C.W. Randolph, Jr., M.D. applauds Donald G. Stein, M.D.'s tenacity and commitment to make headway in healing brain damage despite the fact that, for 40 years, he had to challenge the traditional medical establishment to do so. In the 1960's, Dr. Stein was a lone researcher who discovered scientific evidence that the female brain could recover from injuries when the male brain could not. His question: WHY? The answer: the female hormone progesterone.

"As a physician whose area of medical expertise is bio-identical hormone replacement, I - like Dr. Stein - have for decades attempted to convince my more conventional physician peers (as well as medical researchers who too often were funded by large pharmaceutical companies) of the many health benefits of bio-identical progesterone replacement, particularly in the treatment of female hormone imbalances associated with aging and menopause," says Dr. Randolph. "While my field of practice is gynecology and Dr. Stein's is neurology, we have unknowingly been soldiers in the same battle. As Dr. Stein stated in the September 26th edition of The Wall Street Journal, 'Drug companies tend to focus on blockbuster drugs that they design (and can patent) rather than on naturally occurring ones with minimal profit potential.'"

"In my own work," continues Dr. Randolph, "I have committed my practice and my voice to educating women and other physicians about the safety and efficacy of bio-identical progesterone replacement vs. the many health risks associated with synthetic hormone replacement therapies such as Premarin ad Prempro. Like Dr. Stein, I was for years ostracized by my physician peers and shunned by academic medical researchers. To get the word out, I personally funded the formation of The Natural Hormone Institute of America and the self-publishing of my first book From Hormone Hell To Hormone Well."

When asked how he thought Dr. Stein's study on progesterone therapy as a treatment for brain injuries could impact his own work, Dr. Randolph responded: "I would hope that there would be ripple effect whereby there would finally be funding for a large clinical study examining the health benefits of bio-identical progesterone as preferred treatment for symptoms of female hormone imbalance and menopause."

According to Dr. Randolph, he is no longer a "lone wolf" in this quest. "Respected medical scientists such as Joel Hargrove, M.D. of Vanderbilt University, Paul D. Stolley, M.D., M.P.H. of University of Maryland, Donald F. Austin, M.D., MPH of University Austin, Kenna Stephenson of University of Texas, Dr Philip Warner and Dr. Erika Schwartz, are among the many emerging physician leaders in this very same battle. Maybe one day soon we contemporary "Davids" will do what Dr. Stein has and also win out against the pharmaceutical "Goliaths" we battle every day."


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