Los Angeles-based Film Website, BrokenHeartsClubFilm.com, Launches Amongst Millions of Broken Hearts in the US, with the Hopes of Financing Romantic Comedy, "Broken Hearts Club."

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300,000,000 US residents have suffered a broken heart and an LA-based indie filmmaker aims to use that to his advantage. With the launch of BrokenHeartsClubFilm.com, the Million Member Broken Hearts Club -- a unique film financing strategy -- is positioned to turn pain into profit.

I read everything, and I never thought reading about how someone handled a broken heart could be so cathartic.

Los Angeles-based writer/director, Angelo Bell, scans a copy of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and smiles. However, he isn't reading a review of his previous independent films. He's reading about an independent comedy that is being self-distributed by the producers. Angelo hopes to manage a similar feat with his low-budget film, "Broken Hearts Club." And he hopes that a fraction of the 300,000,000 US residents who have suffered a broken heart will help him do it.

What does nearly every human being on the planet have in common? At one point in life, their hearts were broken by another person. Such is the theme of Angelo's lastest independent film, "Broken Hearts Club." The film is, ironically, a romantic comedy, but Angelo is banking on the world's familiarity with being heartbroken to help finance his film. Using the aptly named Million Member Broken Hearts Club as a catch-all for film fans and potential sponsors, the film's website, http://www.brokenheartsclubfilm.com is the Dr. Phil of movie sites.

After one becomes a member of the Million Member Broken Hearts Club (memberships begin at $1) fans, sponsors and the broken-hearted can browse through a growing list of disgruntled, lovelorn quips touting the downside of love. The page is titled, "The trouble with love is..." and members are invited to finish the sentence in whatever way they so desire. Another page, aims to provide closure by allowing members to talk about the sore incident in which their heart was broken. Still another page (under construction) will provide heart-mending suggestions by expert psychologists. The goal is simple, turn pain into closure and in the process, fund a feature film.

"Like the producers of 'Outsourced,' an award-winning indie film, I am working the reality of having to do this myself," said Angelo during an interview at the LA ShortsFest (three of his short films screened at the film festival in September). "However, I've always planned to do this film on my own, but it doesn't mean the public can't get involved." Public involvement means memberships in the Million Member Broken Hearts Club. For $1 potential members can get a backstage pass to important news and updates about the film. For $1000 members get many perks including, a role as an extra in the film, a signed copy of the script and an invitation to the Los Angeles premiere. The website raised $1200 on its first day.

"In the interest of saving money, I built and I maintain the website, so everything passes through my hands," said Angelo. "I read everything, and I never thought reading about how someone handled a broken heart could be so cathartic."

Angelo is admittedly a die-hard guerilla filmmaker. He honed his screenwriting talents over 15 years and in 2000 began an undaunted journey towards becoming a writer/director. In addition to having three films screen at the LA ShortsFest Angelo advanced to the second round of FOX Television's ON THE LOT by reaching the top 100 out of 12,000 entries with his short film "Renounced." Two of his short films, "The First Time" and "Love is for Democrats" have aired on the Independent Film Channel (IFC). "El Ride," a short film Angelo produced, won Best in Fest at the Austin Woman's Film, Music & Literary Festival. In 2006 Angelo went on a whirlwind filmmaking spree, turning out six short films in just 9 months. El Ride, which Angelo produced, was also completed in 2006. As a result of his influence behind the scenes, the director won Best in Fest recognition at the Austin Woman's Film, Music & Literary Festival. Angelo also received an Honorable Mention for his script, "The Many Reincarnations of Harry Winston." With three years of aggressively making short films behind him, Angelo is eagerly awaiting the start of production for "Broken Hearts Club."

"Broken Hearts Club" is being produced by a conglomerate of indie production companies. Three Nineteen Productions, FloodGate Media Inc, Film Genesis LLC, Comma Baby Productions and Rob Gokee Music are all intimately involved in the production.

The Million Member Broken Hearts Club website was launched on September 24th as part of the primary site for "Broken Hearts Club." The film stars talented up-and-comers from the Los Angeles area and production begins December 1, 2007. Bios and other information are available on the website, http://www.brokenheartsclubfilm.com.


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