Cashing in on Quality -- Amidst Massive Recalls on Products Made in China, American Metal Strives To Make a Name for Itself Based on Quality

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CEO of American Metal & Technology, Inc. (OTCBB: AMMY), a Chinese manufacturer of High Precision Investment Casting products and Electronic Motion Control Boards and publicly traded on OTC bulletin board, responds to shareholder and investor inquires in regards to the recent quality control issues that have encircled Chinese manufacturers.

In response to the recent inquiries of shareholders and investors, the management of American Metal & Technology, Inc. (OTCBB: AMMY QUOTES) have responded to address the recent quality control issues that have encircled Chinese manufacturers.

The recent flood of complaints and recalls of Chinese manufactured goods has generated negative attention to the entire country's export-centric economy. With news of contaminated toothpaste, Barbie dolls painted with lead paint, and faulty tires recalled to China, how can the good manufacturers separate themselves from the bad?

"Quality control," answers American Metal & Technology's CEO Chen Gao. "We've always focused on quality control because our clients put trust in us to provide a finished product that meets global standards. All of our manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. Some of our clients are European and North American companies who have a global brand to uphold. Our reputation for quality has helped us grow as product requirements tighten. We are able to stand out from other production facilities that will cut corners on safety and quality just to save a dime."

Saving a few cents in the short term can end up costing millions in the long run. Earlier this year New Jersey based Foreign Tire Sales was forced to recall 450,000 tires that were manufactured by Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber, a manufacturer in Eastern China. The Chinese manufacturer had left out a gum strip that keeps the tread from separating to save about 40 cents on each tire. Foreign Tire Sales estimates it will cost $200 per tire to honor the recall.

With a 2006 trade surplus of $177 Billion (USD), it would be nearly impossible to have zero defect goods exported from China. However, since the issue of quality is being so heavily publicized by consumers and government agencies alike, the pressure is on retailers and marketers to deliver safe, high-quality products.

Companies of various sizes and industries continue to move manufacturing operations to China with a renewed focus on quality to go along with the highly coveted cost savings. Mr. Gao shared an example of the lengths a quality driven company will go to maintain the integrity of its products. A French food equipment company had searched for manufacturing partners in China for over two years. The company tried outsourcing small test runs to several contract manufacturers, but although the price for the test parts was cheap, so was the quality.

Failed attempts like these create opportunities for high precision manufacturers. The sales team at American Metal & Technology learned of the French company's previous attempts to outsource manufacturing and encouraged them to give it one more try. The team emphasized American Metal & Technology's quality control systems and 100% product quality assurance. Beyond using high-end equipment and implementing rigorous training on quality inspection systems, the Company mandates inspection at four levels from start to finish on each and every product. The continuous quality inspection system ensures that all products going out the door are built to the exact standards and specifications of the client.

Mr. Gao contends that quality is what gets them in the door, and quality is what keeps their clients around. "The French company gave us some small test orders to start off with and we have been consistently building confidence in each other since we first started working together.    On September 26th, 2007 we received a contract from this particular client worth approximately $135,000. To date, this is the ninth order we've received from this client.

For many years the global business community has stressed that the cost savings to manufacture in China are undeniable. Today, there is a push for these manufacturers to also become leaders in efficiency and innovative practices.

"It may cost less to manufacture here than many places, because of the lower labor rates, but many companies have started recognizing the importance of technology development and quality control. We will provide the best quality to current and future customers consistently and persistently," added Gao.

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