Invention Support Announces a Great New Invention Known as the 'Safety Seatbelt Lock'

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Invention Support has signed a strategic alliance with Rebecca Williams, the inventor of the "Safety Seatbelt Lock", to offer support for this great new invention and to proudly introduce it into the general market.

The Safety Seatbelt Lock is a great new idea for an invention that would make it safer for children to ride in an automobile. The device incorporates a durable, lightweight molded plastic lock. It is strong enough to prevent a child from unlocking it but also easy enough for an adult to unlock whenever needed.

As child safety is now among the most important issues that concern today's parents, these concerns are heightened in the area of automobile safety. When children reach the age/size where the use of a child safety seat is unavailable, parents resort to seatbelts to protect their children's lives. However, as many parents know, children at that age are prone to play with the buckles that secure the seatbelt, creating a dangerous situation should the buckle become released. As a result, parents must monitor their children, which creates the additional risk of taking their eyes off the road. It is therefore an object of the Safety Seatbelt Lock to provide an improved means by which the seatbelts of children can be kept in place so as to ensure they remain buckled.

It may come as a surprise to many parents that this is actually a more serious problem than may first be recognized by a casual glance. Besides just children unlatching their seatbelts inadvertently, there have been reports of the Gen3 seat belt unlatching on its own from child or infant car seats. In these cases, the bouncing or shifting of a child in a child seat appears to press the edge of the seat or the base of the seat against the Gen3 button, releasing the belt securing the seat to the vehicle. It is unknown how many other kinds of seatbelts his may be a problem with.

While car accidents can be dangerous for all passengers, infants and small children are especially at risk, due to their small and weak muscles and bones structure that help protect adults. The weight of the head of a child makes the cervical spine much more vulnerable to spinal cord injuries and head traumas. An infant has little control in the muscles of the neck, and the head can bounce from side to side and fall forward, which can cause serious spine and neck injuries. Ejections from the car seat and even the vehicle itself can occur if the seat belt buckle of either the vehicle or car seat comes unlatched during auto wreck collision or rollover accident. In other cases the infant may be injured as a result of intrusion from another vehicle due to other defects in the design or crashworthiness of the vehicle itself.

As the nation's birth rate continues at its boom pace of 4 million per year, safety has become a growing source of new product lines and add-on sales. The safety issue is so popular that many manufacturers are even adding safety-enhanced features to an increasing number of standard infant- and toddler-care products for greater customer appeal. It is obvious from the extensive evidence that the market is wide open and ready for a great new idea like the Safety Seatbelt Lock. There are endless directions in which this product could be successfully marketed. The Safety Seatbelt Lock is a device fitted for great success in an eagerly awaiting market.

In order that the needs of consumers all over the world can be better served, marketing professionals are now reaching out to these consumers. With these new considerations in mind, it is likely that the "Safety Seat Belt Lock" will soon become a more popular device. For further information on this great new invention, contact Jake Way at and ask about the great new invention known as the "Safety Seatbelt Lock".

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