Employee Development and Training Resource Center Released by MindLeaders

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MindLeaders' employee development and training Resource Center and Toolbox now available to Human Resources professionals.

MindLeaders, the leader in online employee development, has announced its new training Resource Center, featuring a Toolbox of videos and tools designed to help Human Resources professionals build employees' skills.

The inspiration for the Resource Center came from MindLeaders' push to help clients build cultural acceptance of e-Learning and employee development at their organizations. To accomplish this, MindLeaders has created a first in the employee training industry - a Toolbox of resources helping ensure each client's success.

"These new tools are aimed at helping Human Resources and employee training administrators make the absolute most of their training programs and MindLeaders e-learning products," said Philip Payne, Director of Marketing for MindLeaders.

The Employee Training and Development Toolbox addresses a wide range of issues faced by every organization and the training managers who serve the organizations. From justifying your training program through ROI calculations to engaging management and obtaining deep buy-in to your training program, the MindLeaders Training and Development Toolbox is your first step to program success.

Each item in the Toolbox contains an introductory short video, a robust list of tools, and a video trailer to help generate excitement for employee training programs. The Employee Training and Development Toolbox features include:

  • Scenario-based videos that frame the issue and help clarify how the accompanying tools are designed to solve that problem.
  • Reusable tools or videos that administrators can use to help drive their program's success. The videos and other resources are small enough to be emailed to users or managers.
  • Tools and techniques to drive learning usage and cut down on ramp-up time. With the MindLeaders Employee Training and Development Toolbox, administrators have the resources to drive usage and acceptance from day one.
  • Training program success isn't just about making courses available; a cultural acceptance has to be developed of how continual learning can lead to strategic advantages for the organization. The MindLeaders Employee Training and Development Toolbox addresses this issue by identifying major challenges that training departments face, then providing multiple tools to overcome those issues.
  • MindLeaders Employee Training and Development Toolbox has bundled tools and short videos addressing the actions that need to taken by managers in a logical and orderly fashion.

The Toolbox will help Human Resource managers use MindLeaders products to develop strong employee skills. Selling Your Managers on Employee Development with MindLeaders Personal Learning Service (PLuS), for example, shows how PLuS is a powerful employee development tool to help organizations meet their training goals.

"PLuS allows every employee at a company to have a personal learning plan built by a qualified learning advisor," Payne explained. "With PLuS, and all our products and services, we help organizations apply online training to their specific needs."

Another Toolbox, Incorporating Employee Development into Performance Reviews shows how MindLeaders PLuS can make performance reviews easier by providing information to help jumpstart discussions and set employee performance goals. Additional tools can also be found on the Tool Palette to help integrate PLuS into the performance review process. These tools include manager best practices during performance reviews and reviewing and approving employee personal leaning plans.

Other topics in the Toolbox include:

  • PLuS Best Practices for Managers. Tips on how to meet ever changing corporate objectives, finding time for employee development and training, and learning to give strong performance reviews. MindLeaders PLuS helps you work on all three!
  • PLuS Best Practices for Students. This toolbox will teach you six powerful practices that will help you use PLuS to your advantage to build new skills and increase your value in your organization.
  • Fixing a Struggling Learning Program. You will learn the top five factors that cause many corporate learning programs to struggle and how to address and overcome each of them.
  • ROI of Learning Programs. Learn how to measure the ROI of your employee learning program.
  • Building Your Learning. This video shows you where to begin with your employee learning program, how to gather yourself and get ready for the task, and you'll see the subsequent steps involved in building a learning program. You'll learn how to identify goals, assess learning needs, measure progress, and finally to put the program in place.
  • Integrating Your Learning Program. In this video, you'll take a look at the cycle of integration, the steps you go back through to make training normal and routine in your office. You'll see how to monitor learning performance, work with managers to get their buy-in, communicate with the target audience, and offer the right rewards and incentives to encourage participation.
  • Marketing Your Learning Program. In this video, you'll learn about the three elements of an effective marketing plan. You'll learn to analyze your target markets, communicate with the audience, and find the right rewards and incentives to encourage participation.
  • Great Titles: New Managers. This toolbox will help good employees become great managers by providing them training on communication, time management, and building relationships.
  • Great Titles: Communication. This provides the learning scenarios that will help you achieve success in all levels of communication.
  • Great Titles: Leadership. MindLeaders has compiled all the training you'll need to get you key leadership skills, such as learning how to clearly communicate your vision to your team, how to let your actions speak louder than your words, and how to formulate and implement a strategic plan.
  • Great Titles: Motivating Your Team. A learning package that helps you get your team moving in the right direction.
  • Great Titles: Maximizing Teamwork. A learning package that will teach you how to discover your team's strength, and then capitalize on it to get the best results possible.
  • Great Titles: Designing Web Sites. Learn how to create a web site that makes a good first impression.
  • Great Titles: Coding and Scripting Web Sites. Coding and Scripting are the foundations of web development. We can help you get your web site on solid ground.
  • Great Titles: Programming Web Sites. To make your web site an interactive experience both for your customers AND for you, programming is a necessity. We can get you started with any of the major web development languages.
  • Great Titles: Managing Web Sites. After the excitement of building a web site, it can be easy to neglect maintenance. But keeping your site running right is just as important as building it right. We can help you keep your site up 24/7.

"MindLeaders has packaged for free the best practices of companies that "get" employee and organizational development," says Payne. "We look forward to everyone's feedback!"

About MindLeaders:
MindLeaders is an employee and performance-improvement company with over 25 years of experience in delivering e-learning and employee development solutions. MindLeaders provides personalized learning that supports organizational success. Their e-learning tools cover topics ranging from networking in an enterprise environment to personal use of the PC and from healthcare privacy issues to business skills. MindLeaders is based in Dublin, Ohio.


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