Testing Black America's Resolve: Author Demands that D.L. Hughley Apologize

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Keith G. Wright's upcoming book "The World Of Women Ain't No Joke: Beautiful, Intelligent & Powerful, In An Unforgiving World" advises women to carefully study the current condition of black America, for sake of the future of women's progress.

Within weeks of the Don Imus fiasco, black comedian D.L. Hughley appeared on The Jay Leno Tonight Show and refuted Imus' usage of the word "hos" to describe the Rutgers' women's basketball team, but Hughley did say they were "nappy-headed" and "some of the ugliest women I've seen." Hughley has refused to apologize for his remarks, asserting his freedom of speech.

Author Keith G. Wright wrote an open letter to Hughley, in which he says, "I too, believe in your right to 'freedom of speech.' I also believe there are times when men must choose their words carefully, and there are times when men must honor their women." Wright's upcoming book, "The World of Women Ain't No Joke" (ISBN 0977834220, Ain't No Joke Books, Inc, 2008), publishing February 2008, deals not only with the need for men to honor women, but with the need for women to respect themselves.

Wright argues that Hughley's actions solidified many white people's opinions about the double standards of black people. "Regardless of how many times black folks cry out against an injustice at the hands of white folks, it is their inability to police themselves that leaves blacks lacking power because they are seen as impotent to affect their own issues," Wright says.

"The World of Women Ain't No Joke" cautions against "cherry-picked" justice--the phenomenon that allows a black person get away with saying things that a white person would be publicly rebuked for saying--maintaining it will lead to a loss of respect and credibility, and eventually, to black America's demise. The "cherry-picked" justice described in the novel goes beyond the contrasting situations of Imus and Hughley, and applies to other discrepancies, such as the liberal use of the N-word among some blacks.

Because black women carry the "double negative effect" of being female minorities and because of the prevailing environment of a sexist rap culture, "The World of Women Ain't No Joke," no thanks to the rhetoric spread by Imus and Hughley, says Wright.

"The stage is set for you, Mr. Hughley, to initiate change, and spark positive dialogue, not about freedom of speech, but for America's Women," Wright says in his open letter. "Your grandmother, your mother, your wife, your daughter, and America's 152 million women, are watching and waiting, for you to show yourself as a man who values and honors women everywhere. The stage is set."

About the Author
Keith G. Wright resides in Miami Shores, Fla. He is the founder and president of Beyond Color Foundation, an organization devoted to racial harmony, multicultural unity, and "empowering everyday people to live famous lives." "The World of Women Ain't No Joke" is the third book in his "Ain't No Joke" series, which seeks to save families, empower parents, honor women, and inspire teenagers to lead exceptional lives.

"The World of Women Ain't No Joke" (ISBN 0977834220, Ain't No Joke Books, Inc, 2008) will be available in February 2008 through local and online bookstores. For more information, visit http://www.aintnojoke.com. Publicity contact: http://www.readerviews.com.


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