Women More Likely to Become Millionaires than Men says Wealth Coaching Company The Money Gym

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Renowned Wealth Creation Education company The Money Gym (http://www.themoneygym.com) is closing its doors to men from December 2007.

Renowned Wealth Creation Education company The Money Gym (http://www.themoneygym.com) is closing its doors to men from December 2007.

Wealth coach and founder of The Money Gym Nicola Cairncross says "We have had some fabulous male clients who have gone on to do wonderful things with their money, but we are noticing that increasingly the majority of our clients are female - mostly self employed and business owners too - and we believe that we can offer a better wealth creation education and experience if we go exclusively all-women with The Money Gym."

What the Money Gym coaches have found is that female clients:

  • Are more open to different ways of making money and less indoctrinated by established (but not always the most effective) ways of making money - like having a job.
  • Have egos that are not as bound up in what they do for a living for them to take the steps needed to become truly independently wealthy.
  • Turn up for their coaching calls, ready to listen, discuss and learn; attend the weekly Wealth Surgeries, in the form of tele-seminar calls, and come to the workshops.
  • Are much more likely to make the oft-required short term sacrifices necessary to create extra income for investing in long term assets (the cashflow from which would buy any number of the luxuries later on.)
  • Are much more likely to seek out mentors who have already achieved what they want to achieve, rather than, as happens with many male clients, take the advice of other men, who are not specialists in "The Four Lanes of the Wealth Highway".

In short the Money Gym's female clients put their time in and see the results.

Relationship Upheavals:
Interestingly The Money Gym has found that many female clients co-incidentally end up leaving unsatisfactory relationships after years of trying to pull a recalcitrant partner along to financial independence with them! Wealth coach Nicola Cairncross estimates that about 10% of clients radically re-evaluate their relationship after joining The Money Gym, especially when they discover that they are already independent, and sometimes even wealthy enough to stop working, but just didn't know it till now.

The final factor in the change to an all female environment is the proliferation of male-dominated wealth coaching companies using high-pressure sales techniques, such as so-called "free seminars", to up-sell fantastically expensive programs.

In contrast the Money Gym creates an oasis where women can come and safely discover how to manage and maximize their income, their future security and their potential to become independently wealthy.

This new female orientated brand is being started with a women's only workshop in October 2007, and the next one is scheduled for 28th March 2008. It's a day of inspiring and motivating stories from ordinary women doing extraordinary things, and packed full of tangible information on how participants can take action to make significant improvements in their financial life straight away.

Tickets are £347.00 and participants will also receive a voucher for their ticket price off any future Money Gym training they may sign up for on the day.

The Money Gym has helped hundreds of people along the road to financial independence (and created some millionaires along the way). It is a powerful program that teaches participants a solid and proven way of creating wealth, with a choice of ways to suit your personality. These could be a choice of, or a combination of high risk, high return investment, solid bricks and mortar, or building a business that you can sell or use to set you up for life.

For more info please contact Paula Gardner on 0208 504 4557 or visit the website at     http://www.themoneygym.com/workshop/


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