Dental-Medical Organization Unveils Health Care Plan

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The IADMD plan creates a health care system that eliminates waste, offers the best whole-body care for patients and brings tax breaks to doctors who offer free care to the underprivileged and underinsured.

The doctor-led health care organization IADMD, The International Assoc. of Dental and Medical Disciplines, today unveiled details of its health care plan that secures every person’s right to the highest quality care without adding taxes or burdens on employers or taxpayers.

This is the first doctor-created plan that offers a cure to the nation's ailing health care system.

What is IADMD
IADMD stands for the International Association of Dental and Medical Disciplines. It’s a new health care association.

IADMD’s founders and directors are doctors; an elite group of dentists and physicians including board-certified specialists with 20 years or more experience as heads of private practice in the US. They established a health care system committed to overall health and one that puts doctors back in charge of health care decisions instead of insurance companies.

The IADMD plan creates a health care system that eliminates waste, offers the best whole-body care for patients and brings tax breaks to doctors who offer free care to the underprivileged and underinsured.

Their universal, non-socialized plan has some simple but profound concepts that make health care coverage affordable. At the same time, it secures every person’s right to the highest quality care without adding taxes or burdens on employers or taxpayers.

IADMD has been in development for nearly five years. With the infrastructure and technology in place, the health care association is actively seeking like-minded doctors worldwide to join them in their efforts to revolutionize health care.

The doctor-driven health care plan in a nutshell
The plan is universal, developed by doctors, and gives to the community as opposed to taking from it. IADMD believes that every individual should have the right to the highest-quality whole body health care and that doctors of all disciplines should be working together to treat a patient’s whole body.

1. Connecting Doctors of All Disciplines
The hallmark of IADMD’s health care initiative is a “marriage” between dentists, physicians and alternative doctors to confer for their patients’ overall health and to remove barriers that often lead to illness or chronic disease.

IADMD’s core principles, standards, best practices, and risk management for interdisciplinary dental and medical doctrines, ensure that redundancies and inefficiencies end and frivolous lawsuits that increase the premiums are greatly reduced.

2. Removing Inefficiencies that Raise Insurance Premiums and Impede Healing

The IADMD plan calls for each state appointing a minimum of two dentists and two physicians in each state to ensure the proper medical triage of protocols as it relates to insurance legislation and premium hikes. Each appointee would be authenticated by IADMD as unbiased and unattached from stakeholders before they could be assigned to work with insurance commissioners.

Many uninsured individuals forgo care when they do not fall within government or charitable assistance groups.

3. Fair Share Credit for Donated Services
Through an intricate, secure network of hosted web sites within each doctor’s office, IADMD will provide a portal for doctors offices that records all donated services using its Fair Share Credit technology. This technology helps patients as well as the doctors.

IADMD will use the technology to also protect doctors from any potential overuse of free care requests. IADMD will help doctors from the masses by assisting them with their over-quotad requests and redistribute such needs respectively.
The point is to make it easy and worthwhile for doctors do donate services. Considering what they already have on the table, while honoring all they are doing and allowing their record of distribution as would take on more or already fair and crediting the doctors with tax credits in both situations.

With Fair Share Credit technology, doctors will alleviate the burden of uninsured and underinsured on the health care system. In exchange, the data generated will be used a platform to launch an aggressive effort in Washington to fight for doctors’ rights to earn tax breaks for their donated care.

The U.S. government bestows excellent tax breaks on the average U.S. citizen—but not to doctors for donating care.

The government is seeking health care solutions while there’s a whole nation of doctors who are willing to open their doors to the disadvantaged and oppressed.

4. Creation of IADMD Doctors' Alliance
The IADMD works to influence legislation in opposition to unequal breaks, lack of tax credits for donated service, and Fair Share Credit data collection, as well as advocating of putting the reins back into the hands of doctors and their preferred treatment based on overall health.

Support for high quality overall health conferences/scientific meetings that are relevant to IADMD's scientific and professional mission and to the public's health.

Research projects in the biomedical and behavioral sciences conducted by doctors and faculty in dental and medical professional schools and other academic components.

5. Creation of IADMD Peoples' Alliance
The IADMD works to raise awareness and educate consumers and patients involving overall health.
In front of legislators, referencing health care payment abuses within insurance, public and correctional institutions, IADMD doctors represent the people to lower premiums and make health care available to all.

Without such a people's awareness and education movement, the US health care systems inefficiencies, deficiencies and travesties to human life will continue.

The cost of the doctor-led health care plan
While working through the processes of making it affordable for by cutting the billions of wasted dollars with business with streamlined approach, adding doctors' volunteered services in exchange for the same tax credits America gets for donating a couch, the plan pays for itself without a burden to taxpayers or employers.

People’s lives will change and leaps of faith will be taken while hope is granted to the currently uninsured and underserved, while financial and personal decisions in front of state commissioners and legislators will have the IADMD doctors’ primary concern and focus. The unbiased doctors' dental and medical strengths will oversee protocols and close the gaps. And merciless regard in the system will be outrun.

To learn more about IADMD and its alliance for its doctors of all specialties for the good of all, yielding its health care reform proposal, please visit

About IADMD: IADMD’s mission is to breathe new life into the healthcare field; to inspire individuals to stretch their thinking beyond existing dental and medical parameters; to draw on the professionalism and creativity of specialists throughout the world; and to promote worldwide healing with a doctor-to-doctor, non-socialized plan, that does not add taxation or burdens on employers, while securing every person’s right to the highest quality of whole-body health.

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